The first international game the Tibetans played was against Greenland on June 30,2001 in Denmark. China didn't want this match to happen; they believe that Tibet is part of China therefore the Chinese National Team includes Tibet. China was threatening to cut off all trade with Denmark if this game went on as planned. Denmark did not back down, however, and allowed the game to go on. Tibetan team was formed of players who weren't even at minor league level and Tens Espense was hired to coach them. Despite the Tibetans' efforts and all the hard work,they lost one to four.
The Tibet national football team represents the people of Tibet, many of whom live in exile outside their nation. Tibet is neither a member of FIFA nor the AFC and does not participate in international tournaments. Tibet wear red and blue home shirts which are supplied by Copa.
Since then, the Tibetan football team participated in two tournaments. first was the FIFI Wild Cup where they played two games and lost both (St.Pauli, 7-0; Gibraltar, 5-0).The second was ELF Cup,where they also lost all matches (Tajikistan, 3-0; Crimea, 1-0; Northern Cyprus, 10-0).Except that,they played few other matches which they lost (Monaco,1-2; Sikkim,1-2; Bhutan,0-3) and on August 4,2007 came their biggest win, against Delhi XI (6-0).
Home fixtures are played in blue/red shirts,white shorts and blue socks,while away fixtures are played in white shirts,red shorts and red socks.