Gibraltar Shirts

Gibraltar Shirts

Gibraltar Shirts

Gibraltar are not an official member of FIFA or UEFA which makes them not eligible to enter World Cup or the European Championship. In 2007 they applied for membership but it was rejected. The side competed in the 2006 FIFI Wild Cup where they came 3rd. They played other unofficial teams such as FC St. Pauli, Tibet, Nothern Cyprus, Zanzibar and Greenland.

Gibraltar play their home games in mainly red and white shirts. The sides home stadium is the Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar which holds 5,000 seats.

New UEFA member Gibraltar have officially released their new home and away shirts supplied by Admiral. Gibraltar became the 54th member of UEFA this week as they played their first ever European game against Slovakia with the match ending in an impressive 0-0 draw [...]

As the Gibraltar national football team is not yet a full member of either UEFA or FIFA, it is ineligible to enter the World Cup or European Championships [...]

The decision was made on the 8th of December 2006 that Gibraltar will be made provisional members of UEFA: FIFA had announced two days earlier that their executive committee had ruled that Gibraltar does not meet the statutory requirements to become a FIFA member, despite the fact that the Court of Arbitration in Sport had already ruled to the contrary.

In October 2012 Gibraltar had a pending vote which will be decided in May 2013 to make them a full member. Other nations who are not a member of FIFA include Greenland, Monaco, Tibet, Northern Cyprus, Jersey and many more.

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