Werder Bremen Christmas Shirt 2012

More seasonal shirt news from Germany after the launch of the new Borussia Dortmund ‘Winter shirt’ as we now bring you pictures of the new Werder Bremen ‘Christmas shirt’.

The Werder Bremen ‘Christmas shirt’ is traditionally worn by the players on the team’s last home game before Christmas. It is mainly green with the Christmas tree surrounding the club logo on the top left part of the chest.

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    1. Deacon Valkeanu:

      What’s wrong with german teams? Winter shirt, Christmas shirt… I wonder how much a devoted supporter spends in a year. And this shirt is much similar to the regular one, even more Power Ranger than the other…

    2. rooney is sooooo ugly:

      if it wasnt green it would be nice . everyone looks ugly in green

    3. MattyPeo-97:

      I get it, they’re christmas trees. Better than Dortmund’s ‘winter’ shirt anyway.

    4. Gortex:

      these German teams are publicly robbing fans. isnt this just the home shirt with a xmas tree badge? lol

    5. rooney is sooooo ugly:

      #3 how is it robbing fans ? nobody is forced into buying them . in fact it is a extra option for the fans which is good

    6. Mr.Robson:

      Has the Easter one got an egg-shaped badge?

    7. Grongy:

      Also, far from robbing their fans, German clubs charge their fans a great deal less for match tickets

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