Stoke City Away Kit 2011/12

Here is the new Stoke City Away shirt for 2011/12. The club had earlier released a teaser giving their fans a glimpse of the new kit.

The new away shirt for this season’s FA Cup finalists resembles that of Inter Milan, featuring mainly black and blue stripes. The shirt has an asymmetric grey collar with the Adidas 3-stripes also in grey on the shoulders. The upper part of the shirt is black, as are the sleeves. The Adidas logo is placed on the upper center part of the shirt with the club crest placed on the top left part. Brittania, club sponsors, have their logo featured on the front center part of the shirt.

“Let’s hope we can play like Inter Milan too,” smiled City’s captain Shawcross. “It looks very impressive and I am sure it will be a winner with our fans.”

City’s Head of Commercial Andrew Billingham said: “This is another big step forward for the Club and I am sure all our supporters going to the away matches at Aston Villa and Blackpool over the next fortnight will want to get their hands on the new shirt.”

Thanks to Alan for sharing the news!


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    1. Scotty86:

      not a stoke fan but love that shirt!!

    2. mike:

      very smart shirt i like alot ,,,,

    3. barry bannan:

      its nice. not keen on the collar and the adidas logo being central.

    4. NCW #1:

      It also resembles Newcastle’s third prior to the PUMA switch.

    5. TheDaggerKitman:

      like it alot. adidas are brilliant

    6. Stoke@Wembleyway:

      Why haven’t they revealed what the back of the shirt looks like? It could be iluminous pink. I’m assuming it’s blank like this season’s home kit and because we are assuming we’ll be in europe so we need a blank back. Great Kit though and despite what others say I’m glad the stripes don’t go all the way to the top and the collars OK.

    7. Stoke@Wembleyway:

      The club’s official website has announced that there are stripes on the back. But there still are no pictures.

    8. Geo:

      Not a bad kit that, quite classy. Better than the home barcode.

    9. Alec:

      Stoke@Wembleyway, there’s a picture of the back on the online shop, it’s striped.

    10. Nicolas Cage's hairpiece:

      really nice apart from the white collar thing

    11. George Lazenby 007:

      the shirt is like the newcastle 3rd shirt from last season.

    12. Will:

      I bet this will b the template for all striped adidas shirts (eg. Hull City) next year.

    13. land:

      why does adidas have the need to put their logo in the center it ruins everything

    14. Ben:

      I like the new away kit very very’s different in a good way

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