Sporting Puma Home and Away Shirts 13/14

Here are the new Sporting home and away shirts for next season. Sporting finished the 2012/13 Portuguese Primeira Liga in seventh place.


Home Shirt


The new home shirt features green and white hoops and has a classic white collar. The Puma logo is in gold on the top right part of the chest with the club crest on the opposite side.

Away Shirt


The new Sporting away shirt is primarily purple with fluorescent green trim. It has two stripes around the neckline, one white and the other fluorescent green.

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    1. Dee See:

      Why is it that Porto and Sporting both share the same sponsors?

    2. The Jub:

      Benfica, too. I think they are a Portugese telecoms company.

    3. The Jub:

      I love the away shirt—Purple & Green shouldn’t work, but they do.

    4. JARKKO:

      The Jub is correct, they are a telecoms company, think the 3 clubs were sponsored by Portugal Telecoms, TMS and MEO at the same time through the years.

      Only criticism I possibly can have is the home is almost a carbon copy of the 2011 kit. Both of these are very good though.


      They are not good, both puma stencils and they deserve to be scorned

    6. Augustus:

      Love the home. That’s a real throwback. I imagine the Big Three are all sponsored by the same company for the same reason Carlsberg sponsored the Old Firm at the same time.

    7. Cláudio Cruz:

      Benfica, Porto and Sporting share the same front shirt sponsar because Portugal Telecom, the main portuguese telecom company, and also owner of TMN, SAPO and MEO, sponsers them all. MOCHE is a TMN tariff

    8. Toni-SCP:

      The home shirt would be near perfect if the hoops continued on the back. And I hope the sponsor is placed in the middle of a green band, and not willy nilly as is shown on the 1st pic.

      For the away shirt I got my scissors ready.
      PUMA Headquarters, PUMA SE, PUMA WAY 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany.
      That’s where I will be sending that bit of collar with the 2 stripes to. I’ll seal them in an envelope.

      So yeah! …Awesome job Puma! I love the V-neck!

    9. simon:

      The home shirt is really lovely, I think all shirts should have those collars.

      The away is not that nice, colours are different but not amazing.

      Ironically MOCHE means ugly in french

    10. Statto74:

      A large company would rather sponsor both rival teams rather than alienate themselves from one set of fans. This is why Rangers and Celtic have so frequently had the same sponsor. This season they are sposored by the same company but different product names appear on the shirts.

    11. Ebbe:

      re point 6: Carlsberg never sponsored the Old Firm: Carling, CR SMITH, NTL, Tennents did for reasons in point 10 but not Carlsberg.

    12. Doctor's Your Uncle:

      I like both. Especially the home shirt. But remove the black box around the sponsor. It looks cheap.

    13. rooney is sooooo ugly:

      the home is decent , but the away design is horrible

    14. Sainty:

      Love the home shirt, can’t go wrong with green & white hoops.

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