Spanish Third Division Club Unveils Broccoli Themed Kit

Whilst most clubs have already unveiled their new kits for the 2013/14 season, Spanish third division club La Hoya Lorca have just unveiled their new home and away shirts for the current football season.


La Hoya Lorca is a Spanish club based in Lorca, Murcia. The club was founded in 2003 and it currently plays in the Spanish Segunda B (third division).

The club launched its new kits, presenting a striped blue and white shirt and a broccoli themed away kit. The reason behind the ‘green’ away kit is due to the club paying tribute to the local region of Murcia, known as the vegetable garden of Spain – apparently broccoli is abundant in the region and is a very successful export.

‘El Brócoli Mecánico’ 



This will be the club’s second season in a broccoli themed away kit, as they first wore a similar themed shirt last season, where they went on to win the Tercera Division and win promotion to the Segunda B division, earning the nickname El Brócoli Mecánico (Clockwork Broccoli).


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    1. United!!!:

      Just when u think it couldn’t get any worse, they prove u wrong … sigh

    2. rooney is soooooo ugly:

      that is one of the most disgusting things ive ever seen !!!

    3. Rossco:

      This went from idea to sketch to design to production. At no point of the process did anyone pipe up and say “Wait a minute, lads…”

    4. Essex Paul:

      Its so bad…. I want it !!!!

    5. Derby:

      Looks as though someone has been sick all over it. It’s vile.

    6. Derby:

      Revolting. They will disappear when they run out on the pitch. Looks like someone has been sick all over it.

    7. mark:

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      that is NEARLY as bad as warriors kits

    8. bigg:

      FCKis this going to be the start of a new trend were sponsors will demand a teams 3rd kit shows the product all over the strip.For some teams this may be ok but for some it could prove awkward.If this strip wasnt all green id actualy really like it

    9. Sainty:

      This is going to be one of those must have shirts, haha.

    10. Matt Daug:

      Anyone else notice that awesome scorpion on the shorts or the crooked badges on the shorts above? I think the strung out one third from the left in the top row is properly hallucinating.

    11. Boza:

      Still better than Roma spunk spunk spunk

    12. Harry Lewis:

      Is it just me or is the kit on the top different to the one the team is wearing?
      -Sides are green
      -Socks are faded green
      -Slanted badge

    13. Corey:

      The bottom picture is a different kit. Bcuz it’s their first broccoli kit from last season.

    14. singa:

      All I can say is that it’s an original idea.

    15. Learjet89:

      I guess every time they wear these they will regularly pass through the competition.

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