Sheffield Wednesday Puma Away Shirt 2013/14

Here is the new Sheffield Wednesday Puma away shirt for next season. The shirt was unveiled at the Owls in the Park event that is being held today (June 30).

The Owls finished in 18th place in the Championship last season.


The new Owls away shirt is primarily black with yellow detail around the upper part of the shirt. The Puma logo is in yellow on the top right part of the chest in yellow whilst the club crest is on the opposite part. Bartercard, which is the club’s new main sponsor has its logo across the front of the shirt.

sheff wed

Images – Sheffield Wednesday Football Club


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    1. D King:

      It’s OK, I’m not keen on this template, but this is about the best use of it. If the collar does not match the b of the logo, then it should have, and a trick has been missed.

    2. Moses McDoogleberry:

      At least it isn’t THAT f***ing template! Guarantee the home will use it though.

    3. Toby:

      I like it! The sponsor looks like it could glow in the dark! And the colour scheme works really well!

    4. JARKKO:

      If I had a euro for every use of the word template on this site…. Most overused word here!

    5. Andy:

      That template looks like a template of the templates that other teams use as their template. Total overused templates of a template that has copied over teams template.

    6. rooney is sooooo ugly:

      quite like that . good effort

    7. gregor:

      They could at least have tried to match the two yellows…

    8. Owen:

      We all know what the home kits gonna look like

    9. Samson:

      And again…..enough of amending the club badge colors to match the shirt!

    10. rro87:

      Been down and bought this for me lad today…..its decent to be honest but ive always liked black and yellow away kits for us anyway. And the ‘b’ on the sponser is green not yellow.

    11. Mr E:

      Sheffield Wednesday’s fans are obviously not passionate or loyal enough for Puma to celebrate by giving them the template with two stripes under the collar!

    12. brn442:

      Best use of an over-used, boiler plate design.

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