Retro Tuesdays – England 1982 ‘Admiral’ Shirts

Today’s retro Tuesday feature is the England 1982 shirts manufactured by Admiral.

The home shirt was mainly white with a blue/white/red/blue detail around the upper part of the chest with the same colour combination around the collar and sleeve hems.

englandhome_82_ole da pug

The away shirt was mainly red with blue and white detail on the upper part of the chest. The shirt had a long white/blue/red v-collar with the same colours featured around the sleeve hems.

englandaway_82_ole da pug

Helsidet faxudskrift
Thanks to Ole da Pug for his submission!

What our Facebook fans think about these shirts:

“The best ever home shirt. Bulldog Bobby wasn’t a good idea for a mascot though.” Trevor Arthur

“A cracking kit, I did like the Admiral one before it as well. Great players as well, proper England team and probably not a Bentley between them.” Mark James

“Best ever England shirt.” – Steve Smith

“One of the best kits for England, and the players then are a lot more recognisable than the England players now. I could name more of them in a picture than the current England squad.” Philip Salkeld

“Think that pic of the line up in the red strip is before the France game in the 82 World Cup. The FA or Admiral didn’t know if they were allowed their logo on the shirt so didn’t put it on. Bryan Robson scored after about twenty seconds.” Alex Piper

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    1. Augustus:

      Time has been kind to this kit. I quite like it now, but the one before this with red and navy trim down the sleeves was better.

      Moving to Admiral was very controversial at the time, and I think I’m right in saying it was the first time red appeared on the kit except for the numbers. From memory I think Don Revie had his sticky fingers all over the deal but corruption in football is not rare, then or now.

    2. swfcAH:

      love a similar colour scheme for the next England shirt, unfortunately it looks like its gonna be a boring white and navy nike templamte

    3. tonesterwolf:

      Must admit i preferred the Umbro efforts that followed these as worn in the 86 world cup, in fact the first England shirt i owned. A bit more classy and not so in your face!!

    4. Vern Fonk:

      I have the home shirt and the Don Revie admiral tracky top. Great shirts. The moody ones you can buy online are better than the originals.

      I liked the Bulldog Bobby mascot.

    5. Kermit:

      Decent enough kit. I agree that the Umbro 86 & 90 kits were the best ones to date.

    6. Roybot:

      I loved these shirts and I was trying to track one down, and then came across the fact that admiral are releasing a retro range inspired by them.

    7. Marvin the Paranoid Android:

      Really good kits, arguably the best home kit England have ever had. (Although having said that, there are several other worthy candidates; England have had a lot of good kits over the years.)

      A modern remake of this is definitely overdue. I wonder if Admiral own the rights to an extent that a new version would have to be changed so much that it wouldn’t be similar enough to be worth it?

      Anyhow, copyright permitting, England should definitely have kits styled on these again.

    8. Crunchie:

      Would be great if at the next World Cup all the countries could wear their best all-time shirt as voted by the fan i.e. England ’82, Holland ’78, Argentina ’86, France’84, Germany ’90 etc. Really like this shirt. Infact there were a lot of nice shirts at this tournament: Germany, Poland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and New Zealand.

    9. rooney is soooo ugly:

      classic home kit . one of the best ever

      design doesn’t look as good in red

    10. rooney is soooo ugly:

      who is the 9 year old in the team photo , on the far right ?

    11. United!!!:

      @9 it says there… Danny Thomas …yea, very short guy! LOL

    12. Vern Fonk:

      Admiral did a sweater of this design in blue. It was pretty bad material though.



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