Red France Away Shirt 2008

The debate is raging on this one, is this the new French away shirt which is due for release on 11th Febuary 2008 or is it a third shirt. Most fans were expecting a white change kit for the French national side, so to see this red version fans are wondering if adidas have gone for something totally new, or if this is the third shirt.

Red france third Away shirt 08/09

Red French adidas Away Kit

This red shirt follows a similar template as the recently released new home shirt for 2008, although the patterning across the shirt is flipped horizontally. The French football federation badge is on the left chest with a gold star above it for the nations home world cup win in 1998, the adidas logo is in white just beneath the collar and the players numbers will appear on the right chest. The three stripes over the shoulders are in French red, white & blue.

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    1. Gavin McElroy:

      nice anuff

    2. Tistou:

      This is France’s away kit for the euro 2008 .For sure …

    3. Smog:

      i have this shirt, if you would like more pictures let me know

    4. WoS:

      I think France last had a red away shirt in the 1982 World Cup Finals

    5. brt:

      i like this font

    6. Augustus:

      I think France wore white as an away kit in Spain ’82. In the game with England (for some bizarre reason) they both wore their change strip, England in red and France in white. “ROBSON!! One-Nil!!” Zut alors! I hate it when teams change when there’s no clash. Remember when UEFA decided that home teams in the European Champion Clubs Cup (sorry I don’t say “Champions League”) would play in their away strip for a few seasons? Barking mad. No-one turning up for a match at Old Trafford or the Bernabeu would know the home teams first choice strip would they? Grrrr…

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