England Away Kit 2014 - Infants Red

England Away Shirt 2014 - Kids Red

England Away Shirt 2014 Red

England Away Shirt 2014 - Womens Red

Red England Away Shirt Nike 2013

On the back of showing you England’s home and away kit earlier this month we now have a close-up look at the leaked red away shirt. The away kit will be first worn for the 2014 World Cup qualifying match against San Marino on the 22nd of March.


As seen on the leaked away shirt in the previous away kit article, this new away shirt features a polo neck with gold trim including a gold FA Crest and 150th anniversary logo below and the shirt features a shiny appearance with the signature Nike ‘swoosh’ icon in white.


The new Nike home shirt will be first worn in the 2014 World Cup qualifying match against Montenegro this month after the away shirt will be unveiled in the earlier game against San Marino. The new Nike England home shirt design above is produced from earlier leaks online.

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  1. Shoreham Street:

    About time! I like the home, not sure about the away, still need some better pictures

  2. yorkshireimp:

    To think of all the people who complained about the tailored by Umbro shirt of 2009 you’ve just got another t-shirt with a badge on.
    The home shirt looks not to bad though.

  3. Forest fan Nick:

    I’m liking the away! Tremendous colour!

  4. Doctors Your Uncle:

    You need to make the “follow@footballshirts” bigger. I can still barely make out the shirts behind it…

  5. millwall Kratos:

    one word – epic fail. hate the red kit now, its been overused. english FA – stop harping on about 66 its boring! why not keep with a blue colour or something else? remember the yellow away kit in the early 70’s? google it!

  6. scott:

    Look ok. When are they going on sale in the shops?. When is the grand unveiling by the fa ?.

  7. Walking Hazard:

    the away kit looks like the Charlton home kit

  8. bellers:

    love the home, the away should always be red, i assume the away will look better than it is in the photo

  9. Templeton:

    in the words of those famous philosophers D:Ream “Things….can only get better, can only get betterrrrrrrr….”

  10. Braden:

    When are these shirts coming out? Really want the home shirt.

  11. MattyPeo-97:

    That home shirt is tidy! Just wondering who’s name I should get on the back!

  12. rooney is soooo ugly:

    away shirt is dull and boring – horrible collar . home shirt quite decent

  13. D King:

    The away shirt would be better with the navy and white badge.


    lazy away top, changed a frane top to red wow
    home look’s like a cheap remake of the euro one from about 00

  15. JARKKO:

    @5 – epic fail is two words….

    Well certain people still complain about the Nike kits but loved the umbro ones…hardly any difference. National shirts will always be chastised for being dull on here.

  16. Bacon:


    I’ll wait another year for the next shirt which doesn’t have gold **** all over it

  17. Bert:

    The England away shirt should always be red- look at the flag. I liked the most recent home kit as well as it actually looked like an England kit and not some kind of Great Britain away kit.

  18. Vern Fonk:

    Oh we ARE still doing the ‘epic fail’ thing… That’s retro

    Nike have ran out of ideas. These are both boring.

  19. Hammer91:

    It’s not great but not terrible either. Hope the away isn’t so shiny. The home I hope is fake…hate to say it but France have quality kits this year.

  20. El Patriato:

    the home is not that bad but really that away is just fckin awful from the way it shows!! but at the end the shirt sells and nike grab their money!!

  21. United!!!:

    i thought the away shirt edges out the home shirt … its colour contrast with the badge looks good

  22. Roux:

    Any ideas when these will be on sale? If the away one is the same style as France’s new away one then I’ll be wanting it ASAP.

  23. ?:

    Looks good. But knowing the typical English population, they’ll start saying they’re gonna win the World Cup

  24. scott grimwood:

    according to the staff at soccerscene in London the nike kits should be released next week. they are not happy at the lack of info coming from nike and the FA over when the kit is coming out. has anyone else noted in all the PR appearances this week by England player’s they are still wearing the umbro stuff.

  25. hellasleaf:

    I like both. The red away looks sharp.

  26. laurence:

    @hellasleaf the daily mail has in the last few hours reported that the kits won’t be revealed until st georges day- april 23rd….. and that england will wear umbro for the two upcoming WC qualifiers…. however this is the daily mail saying this

  27. Cdot_The_Gooner:

    I shall be getting both. Feel sorry for Umbro, cos my favourite and most treasured jersey by them is the 05/07 home shirt! Bring on the Swoosh!

  28. Cdot_The_Gooner:

    Kits are being unveiled on St. George’s day for those still in the dark.

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