Quilmes Atletico Club Shirt Vote 2013/14

Quilmes Atletico Club have announced on their official website that they will be asking fans to submit their preferences out of 3 designs presented for the home and away shirts for the upcoming 2013/14 season.

Quilmes is an Argentine football club playing in the top Argentine Premier Division (Primera División).

Three designs were proposed by the club’s technical sponsor, Italian brand Lotto, and fans are being asked to choose their two preferred designs for next season.

Home Shirt Vote

All three designs are quite similar, mainly white with blue detail to respect the club’s traditional colours.

Away Shirt Vote

As for the away shirts presented, fans can choose between a gradient blue/dark blue/white shirt (option 1), sky blue/white/grey/dark blue shirt (option 2) and a gradient green/dark blue/white shirt (option 3).

What do you think of the Lotto designs presented for Quilmes? Which are your preferred designs?

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    1. BringBackSaint&Greavsie:

      Opción 3 and opción 1.

    2. Kermit:

      Home: difference is so minimal that I wouldn’t care which option was picked!
      Away: option 1

    3. paul gallagher:

      option 3 both times

    4. Mitchivic:

      me gusta opcion 1 y opcion 2.

    5. rooney is soooo ugly:

      that isnt a home shirt vote competition – its a spot the difference competition

      all away shirts are hideous

    6. northernhorn:

      1 & 3 me thinks


      3 because of the suttal collar fade and 2 or 3 in case a team play in blue qnd white stripes there away to

    8. geha714:

      Home # 3 and Away # 1

    9. Sainty:

      Home – 2
      Away – 3

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