Preston North End 2013/14 Home and Away Kits by Nike

Preston North End is an English football club from Lancashire playing in League One, the third level of the English league system. The team finished 14th in the 2012/13 table so they will remain in the same league tier for the 2013/14 campaign. The team plays home games at Deepdale, which has a capacity of 23,408.




The new kits of the team were launched by the club and technical sponsor Nike. The shirts are sponsored by CarersTrust (front) and Space Centre (back). The home shirt has quite a plain white look, with the sponsor logos and the dark blue Nike Swoosh providing the only additional colours. The shirt is complemented by navy blue shorts. The away shirt is vertically striped in red and black and has a black flapped collar. The sleeves of the shirt are also striped in red and black. The Nike Swoosh, sponsor logos and complementary shorts are all white.

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    1. JARKKO:

      Home is about as cheap as you can possibly get.

    2. beast:

      Just a white shirt this year for pne lads?…yeh go for it but mind and put a hideous sponsor on it 2

    3. Sainty:

      I like the simplicity of the home kit.

      But I might be one of those old skool types who think less is more, rather than the chavvy youngsters who want something like a greffitied wall on their shirts.

      Just a thought is all.

    4. beast:

      sorry i didnt realise that only alternative to a plain white tshirt was a graffitied wall shirt, not chavy or young!

    5. bren333:

      In a way, with such an overpowering and complex sponsor image, the plain shirt is probably a necessity.

    6. Dave:

      How much more times will just sport use that template for the away shirt, red & black stripes shirt yet white shorts? Just doesn’t go unless your team name is AC MILAN.

    7. The Blob:

      Very inventive effort for the home shirt…

    8. Ryan F:

      Like the new crest – I always preferred the old-school badge with the simple ‘PP’ (Proud Preston)on it – no need to have half the crest taken up by the name of the club.

    9. rooney is sooooo ugly:

      plain boring and functional , that’s about it !

    10. Andy:

      Blackburn should’ve had the away as their design.

    11. scott:

      Preston should have a plain white kit I don’t know what people expect look at are past kits there just plain white so this a a great shirt.

      also there’s a 3rd sponsor which is really are main sponsor is football pools on the back above the players names as I don’t think you van be sponsored by charity’s.

    12. Peter:

      Not a Preston fan myself but these are fantastic, I just wonder why the away strip isn’t red and navy stripes as then the shirt/short combination would be interchangeable

    13. 1881:

      Peter – I like your thinking on the red and navy stripes, especially as red and navy away kits have been regularly used in the past for North End. The red & black is a throwback to the away kit used in the 70’s when Bobby Charlton was manager, and there will be third kit released at some point which is ‘all yellow with a blue sleeve’ (club website).

      Both good kits I reckon. Plain white, as it should be. Would have liked to see hooped socks. Wait and see how the all- black back on the away looks. Also why are so many teams having multi coloured sponsors on home kits but mono colour on the away- surely they could stick to one colour on the home shirt so we look less like advertising billboards.

      Good one North End with a local and national charity on the kits though. And that badge should be kept forever.

    14. Tubbsy:

      School gym kit shorts

    15. Aint Got a Kalou:

      White is nice and clean… not to keen on away with them shorts :S

    16. Big bad wolf:

      Home shirt is brilliant.

    17. yorkshireimp:

      Pretty impressive considering they are out of the teamwear catalogue. Simple is always best.

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