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England 09/11 Umbro Home Pre-order

The New Umbro England home shirt for the next two years just went on order, click one of the links down the right hand side of the page if you want to order yours now or here to visit our England page.

The shirt is getting a new badge, we know that for sure, so we know we can forget about any of the pictures already released, they should be fakes. The full reveal of the new kit will be at 5.15pm on March 28th 2009, when the England play their friendly against Slovakia and the players wear it for the first time.

Win an England shirt signed by 1966 World Cup Winners

All those who pre-order the new shirt with Kitbag will be automatically entered into Kitbag’s competition where one lucky winner will get a kit personally signed by all the surviving England World Cup winning players, worth £400 from Icons.com

Click here to visit our England page and order your new Umbro 09/11 Home Shirt.

Umbro England Kit

The kit is avaiable in a new variety of sizes, out goes small, medium, large, extra large etc, and in comes in more tailored sizes 34 to 58 inches is available in adult sizes so get your tape measure out. The full range of England shirts available is:

  • England Home Shirt 2009/11
  • Womens England Home Shirt 09/11
  • Kids England Home Shirt 2009/11
  • Girls England Home Shirt 2009/11
  • 09/11 England Home Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Kids 09/11 England Goalkeeper Home Shirt
  • Long Sleeved England Home Shirt 09/11
  • L/S 2009/11 Kids England Home Shirt
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    1. Dave M:

      Dunno about pre-ordering a shirt that we havent seen yet what if it’s another awful umbro effort like most of them are. Please why cant they just go with nike. Times are changing and umbro is bargain basement stuff these days

    2. LoveAlfa:

      I seems that Nike pay respect to the team in question, simple, elegant designs that say more about the team than the logo.

    3. Jack:

      why wud we pre order a top that we havent even seen?

    4. Blake:

      why does it have to be umbro the tops are shocking !

      bring nike to make then!! or puma 😀

    5. Saiiiii:

      The irony is that umbro is a subsidary of nike, yet the fa insist on having the umbro logo for continuity, i agree umbro really are second tier, battlig it out with the likes of donnay. but lets wait and see, they could surprise us!

    6. Brendan:

      Nike is wrong, the only sportswear make to still particpate in sweatshop making and they’re american.

      we should have a completely new designer which only makes football shirts and is english, i reckon that would work.

    7. paul:

      England shirts always grow on you, we are a proud nation so i expect everyone will be wearing it anyhow. Our shirts are consistently one of the better looking of any team in the world, the small details you notice close up make them.

    8. Hristinho18:

      Actually I enjoy the fact that the FA demands to keep Umbro branding rather than the Swoosh. ThreeLions have only ever worn Umbro and Admiral apparel as far as Im aware, and this tradition is something to be proud of, unlike France jumping over to Nike for dollars and streetcred. Nike nice designs but far too generic, seen-one, seen-em-all. Plus most of England stars booted out in Air Zooms or Mercurials- Nike still gets massive coverage when Rooney taps in from Walcotts mazy -run-then-cross goooooooooooallllll! 😉

    9. requien:

      The book is on the table and the sky is blue.

    10. D King:

      England should wear Umbro, because historically they are an English company. The distribution network of Nike should enable to England to benefit from branding.

      Whilst the Nike swosh might sell more shirts. Nike probably want to keep the Umbro brand going, otherwise West Ham, Everton, Sunderland etc would all be Nike. Also most of the National sides wear Adidas, Nike or Puma, so by having England in Umbro it advertises the brand, and could lead to other sales of hats, boots, bags etc.

      It’s a bit like BMW keeping the Mini brand. We all know it’s a BMW, but by being serate it gives BMW access to “Britishness” around the globe.

    11. Doomsponge:

      In addition, Umbro’s image and reputation was hurt quite a lot by their horrific 2007 range, their current stuff’s much improved, much less over-busy and more controlled in its design. I think the only remnants of the ‘let’s see how much stuff we can put on a shirt’ days of two years ago are the little elongated V under the number on the back and the patterned underarm sweatzones. Sunderland, Everton, Hull and West Ham now, thankfully, have decent looking kits.

      There are reasons for going to Nike too. As well as the bigger global audience, their tendency towards minimalism makes for a good idea- Nike, quite simply, don’t over-work kits like Adidas or Lotto are wont to.

      That said, Umbro have done a decent job over the years. It’s only the ’07 home kit and the ’96 away that’ve been bad, and ones like the 2005 home kit (with the + on the shoulder) have been some really decent offerings.

      I like Umbro. I like Nike. I think, however, Umbro should be the ones to go for. It just feels right.

      To be honest, 75% of the posts on ANY new England top are going to be ‘I hate it! Ew’ because, simply, people are more likely to be vocal in dislike of something than they are in lke of something. If it’s about 50-50 positive/negative on here, then we’re looking at about an 80% ‘real world’ approval rate.

    12. John:


      What’s wrong with America? Don’t hate the USA because of the government. Your just ignorant.

    13. Hristinho18:

      I would imagine Puma and Adidas will NEVER be seen on an England jersey, simply for the fact they are German. Not so much a racist thing but just recalling the long standing rivalry of the two countries in football. Adi and Puma are two top brands esp in football but I take a weird comfort in knowledge there will never be Three Lions on one of their jerseys. Although I did attach three stripes to sleeve and adi logo to a Euro2000 jsy for a guy who worked for adidas, otherwise he wasn’t allowed to wear it to work!

    14. joe:

      What the hell that red shirt is never going to be the new kit, it looks so fake. and anyway, they would never make such a simple kit

    15. Dave M:

      Can someone tell me why england school boys team wear puma kit and in the past have worn adidas to.

    16. nosel:

      Who would pre-order without knowing what it looks like? It’s not like there’s a mad rush and sell-out at the shops on the day of release

    17. Tommy C:

      i have to admit the last 2 kits have been brilliant, But the current template Umbro use is plain and dull, Also nike don’t exactly have a decent template either their template is also quite dull, But i would choose Nike over Umbro, But Umbro may surprise us so i’d be happy to wait and see

    18. Bruno:

      I agree with Dave I wouldn’t order a shirt that I have no clue what it would look like.

    19. Mb-MUFC:

      i have just looked at the umbro website (6/3/09) and all ive learned is that there is going to be a collar (Y) and possibly it will have laces going thru the neck, if that makes sense, also there is an image of the badge on the shirt but it’s just the lions, no blue bar with england on the top either. also according to umbro, Cappello has apparently instrumental in the designing of the kit, i don’t se how this helps but oh well, i agree, u should never really pre-order a kit which u don’t know what it looks like, coz if its shocking then ur f***ed

    20. Mb-MUFC:

      i’ll still get it tho if i like it, and i probly will, i like plain shirts (Y)

    21. Luciene Maia:

      Atlético -MG -Brazil

    22. häää:

      To be honest-the way UMBRO promotes its new shirts i quite professional and nailbiting. I´ve got no links to England, w.s.e, but I am pretty exited about the new england shirts every year(or 2 years). They build up an exitement and desire for soemthing you haven´t seen yet. Adidas is pretty dilletantish in comparism. The Look of the England Shirts (well, exept the last one maybe)has always been very good-i think. And I am german :-O

      I am sure England will get an outstanding new shirt this time, as Umbro has learned from the last home shirt fiasco-which was a bit linked to the poor performance of the team, not qualifying. Can´t wait to see it-but wont buy one.

    23. Jonny Márcio Batista Duarte:

      I’m Brasilian ,It answers me please. My E-mail is [email protected] .
      oi eu sou um brasileiro me adiciona por favor meu E-mail é [email protected] okkk!!! . My orkut is [email protected] ok

      me adiciona no orkut

    24. Ueliton:

      Hey, and result of shirt most beatiful of the world….
      Atletico Mineiro….

    25. antonio18:

      i must say umbro’s being great for the last 5 years..
      i love the england shirt made for the wc 2006 and the last one as well…
      i cant imagine england shirt withiut umbro, and to be honest nike in the last few years has been releasing crap shirt designs (tho i must not forget to say that the only one that seems to me briliant is the internazionale away 07-08)
      hope the new england shirt is gonna be great..

    26. diego23:

      Atlético mineiro brasil.

    27. jamiie:

      i think this shirt is a bag of crap, its looks as though a 10yr old has made it. disapointed

    28. Conor:

      To be honest, this shirt is terrible. Is stupid why cant they just be sponsered by a good brand instead of crappy umbro which noone likes any more. Nike or adidas are the brands which should be on. And jamie^^^ your a freak tbh!
      wanker x

    29. Stuart:

      The new shirt is awful. I’ve seen it today, and it is if another terrible attempt by the blind man who desighned this shirt. The badge and umbro diamond are on the same side of the shirt yukkkkkkk

    30. Watford Boy:

      wtf is the point of ordering it if you cant see that stupid i hope that its not shiit

    31. jason:

      why the hell would i buy a shirt without seeing it first, yeah i am not gonna change the country i support, but I want to see what I am buying first, coming from a marketing background, this is a really stupid idea!!! yes umbro kits are not the best and Nike and Adidas are better, but look at the man u kit, that is really boring and arsenals is not setting the world on fire…anyway as long as we qualify who cares what we wear

    32. Brendan:

      I didn’t say I hate America, you IDIOT!
      What I said was they’re an American company and we are the ENGLAND team, so therefore we should have an ENGLISH (at least in tradition) kit-maker.
      In fact I quite like Americans in general, and as for hating the American government, I also hate the British government, and the Irish government and the German government, in fact I just hate ALL politicians.

    33. Jack:

      First off, Umbro is owned by Nike now so there goes that argument out the window.

      Second, The new England kit has already been semi-released by Umbro today.

      The entire kit is all white except a red player number on the back and a red Umbro logo on the right chest. The new Lions crest will have a white woven star above it with the ‘England’ badge gone. The shirt has a collar with no buttons or laces…lol…down the front. The design is tailored, fitted, and reminiscent of the England kit from before 1970.

      For the first time. All England squad members will have their kit personally tailored by Umbro. Each player shirt will have the match date/opponent banner, woven into the shirt below the crest. This is idea is taken from 1950s kits.

    34. baz:

      pre order it before you see it GTF!!!, where else would you get this, post above is correct the top is just white no other colour exept badges.

    35. Lukas:

      A camisa do Atletico Mineiro (Brasil) é a mais bonita do mundo!! =p

    36. Delapa:

      We Are The Champions -> Atletico Mineiro..Congratulations..

    37. chris arme:

      What happend to sizes small medium large and exlarge

    38. WayneMFC:

      I’ve seen it.
      Very retro, very different to anything produced by the likes of Nike, Adidas etc. I will certainly buy one. A shirt with character and style, why would we want a shirt that is designed for a whole host of nations when we can have a very individual kit!
      I’d rather have Umbro, a company with English roots than have a Nike Swoosh logo over everything.

    39. Watford Boy:

      i have seen it as well its looks like something from the 60’s!
      Not that nice and the price for it is absolutely ridiculous like hell im gonna pay £40 for a shirt wen i can buy the whole watford kit for that

    40. Martin Hudson:

      In reply to whoever said you take pride in the three lions never appearing on an Adidas shirt (due to German base), well they have, the former under 15s shirts used to be made by adidas. Think Michael Owen, he made those kits famous

    41. Tom and Callum:

      well, if u type it in on google, ull see the new england shirt. And i have to say, umbro really did surprise me, because it was the biggest load of shite ive ever seen!!!! it was like a 2 year old crapped in his hands and painted it white with an umbro logo on it, some of umbro’s finest work i might say. i sure will be glad to wear that piece of shite around my mates to show it off. thank u umbro u fucker!!

    42. simon:

      the shirt looks brill back to basics i personely love the retro look well done umbro better than nike yankee rubish

    43. Alan Shine:

      Oh! dear another Englans shirt calamity! I’m sure the shirt has to go through someone for it to be giving the thumbs up but who is the question, I’m sick of hearing about 66 and sick of people clinging on to it, this just says to me were never going to win the damn thing again so let’s bang on about 66. I would like a shirt that represents the future I kind of feel cheated at having to buy this to be honest might wait for the price to drop of which by this design it will pretty quick. Poor show Umbro designers & whoever gave the thunmbs up to it 1966 is dead.

    44. geezer:

      Oh my, all this because of an England shirt, I think it’s cool, and ya know you’ll look like a sad toss if ya not wearing the new season England shirt down the pub so you’ll all buy one, same as every season lol

    45. rascal:

      Laughable…designed ?? !!…ha, what a mess, a total an utter mess, it looks like the shirt of a side that couldn’t get proper kits, so had to use any matching white T-shirts instead, funny really, but to think so called designers sat down and came up with that smacks of negligence in the extreme, looks like NO! effort went into this at all.

    46. Tommy:

      You all sound like a bunch of moaning women!! stop crying, grab a tissue and enjoy the fucking team for who they are not what they wear!! dicks

    47. Tommy:

      geezer, i respect u….

    48. Rob:

      I love it, real classic feel, lovely details. Looks a lot better in short sleeves for me, definitely buying it. I love that it looks nothing like any other team’s kit, but in a good way.

    49. Ash:

      the only plus side to this is, it looks like a casual top so you can wear it anywhere, the downside is, ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A FOOTBALL SHIRT, as a football top i think its awful, Everyone wants an English make to produce shirts so why not ask Ben Sherman

    50. Alex William:

      The shirt of Atl̩tico Mineiro РBrazil, is beautiful, and the result ??? We are the Champions ????

    51. Márcia:

      A camisa do Atlético mineiro não é a mais bonita do Brasil mais sim do mundo!!!!!

    52. Bruna:

      A camisa do Atlético Mineiro é exepcional ou seja campeã.

    53. Wagner:

      A camisa do Atletico Mineiro está no meu coração, cem anos de tradição orgulho do povo mineiro

    54. Timinho:

      A camisa do Atletico Mineiro está na lixeira.
      Bragantino para sempre.

      How can anyone like a black and white striped shirt, eurgh!!! And the new England shirt is pants (does that make sense) too. We need something radical – how about St George and his dragon fighting across it, a bit like the lion on TSV1860’s alternative change shirt.

    55. gabriel o pensador:

      meu ovo no seu cu ingleses idiotas .fg8ydtfgigfuigw9fiugdsfhuitigbfgf gfygfb fbfhh

    56. Chocolate fountain:

      England rule we will conquer our E.A.S.Y group with the Algerians, Slovaks and Yanks in it! I think this shirt will be good be interested to see if we play in it against the americans?

    57. Gary:

      Does anyone know why the sleeves are so long on the shirt or is it just me?

    58. Bob:

      Umbro is owned by Nike you idiots.

    59. Basilhs:

      its great hftfufyufuyguyfit77777777

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