Portsmouth Canterbury 2009/10 Home & Away shirts

Although we are still awaiting the 1st July as the official date when Pompey’s home and away shirts will be available to pre-order through the club shop and online footballmerchandise stores such as Kitbag, these seem to be the new designs that will be used for the new Portsmouth shirts. Leaks of these shirts manufactured by New Zealand manufacturer Canterbury have not been many, if any. Paul Hart’s side will be looking to improve on a relatively disappointing season where they finished in the 14th place in the bottom half of the Premier League table. The 2008/09 shirts had a golden touch to celebrate the club’s 110th anniversary, but it seems the golden colour will not be retained for this season’s shirts.



Pictures appearing on the internet show a blue home shirt with two shades of blue. The sides and bottom-back of the shirt will be a darker blue than the rest of the shirt, as will the back of the collar where the text Portsmouth FC will be printed. The shirt will have a V-neck collar, and white touches on the collar, sides and sleeves. The Canterbury logo will appear on the left side of the chest as well as on both sleeves. Turning our attention to the away shirt, the new shirt will be mainly white, with the sides and bottom-back being a whitish shade of blue. The shirt will have a long blue collar, with the Canterbury logo appearing just below it on a blue background. The logo will also appear on both sleeves. The sleeves will have a blue trim, and the shirt will have a minor blue 3-ovals design on each side, and a frontal, blue, 2-stripe design on the left side, where the Pompey crest will be placed. We await official confirmation of the above shirt designs of this Premier League club.


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    1. Jonny:

      nice design i think, looking forward to proper pictures

    2. mark_pne:

      liking that away design…canterbury are making nice kits at the moment- which i didn’t think would continue after last seasons portsmouth away cricket shirt….

    3. Phil:

      love the away shirt. Home shirt a bit too plain.

    4. cannon06:

      Nice, will probably look even better in real life. Are they still going to have OKI as sponsors?

    5. Blue Peter:

      They look great, much better than last season’s gold effect disco shirt, the away shirt was a shocker as well, I really like the new retro away shirt, really smart. the messed around with the colours too much last year, Pompey play in blue shirts, white shorts and red socks, bring it back please!

    6. Watford Boy:

      nice home and awesome away

    7. Liam J.C:

      Yeah, two nice shirts which will look nicer without a sponsor. please don’t ruin it it one

    8. BISH_PFC:

      Two awesome shirts!

      Third shirt is black with thin navy pin stripes also really nice!

      Glad for the 70’s away shirt!

    9. prithulARSENAL:

      daamn fine away shirt……looks picture perfecte!

    10. auugustus:

      The Pompey chairman promised a return to the white shorts and red socks. I wonder if he is a man of his word? Last year’s all blue kit was appalling.

    11. Chris:

      Last seasons kit was great! The gold and blue was brilliant. I like the away kit, home kit is a bit half arsed tho!

    12. AiJ:

      CCC keeps doing nice shirts every season!! some of them are way better than nike and adidas kits =P not to mention puma jajaja 1 template for 100 teams around the world

    13. darren:

      joke 3 shirts in 3 years rip off baster*ds

    14. Matt:

      For the first time i’ll be buying the home and away kit me thinks! Both are great. The only change I would make is a collar on the home shirt.

    15. pompey flo :):

      love them both, apparantly the sponsers are due to be some hotel chain or something? anyone know anymore about this?
      i love the way the away shirt is a bit like one of the oldstyle retro shirts from the 60’s, and its a bit like the nelson sailor theme 😀
      just hope the 3rd shirt isn’t black … again! as much i’ve liked the black shirts the past 4 years, we need different colours. maybe yellow? or the gold one when we won promotion was popular?

    16. Lee Bowyer:

      Great Kit. (Y)
      Better then last season.

    17. simon:

      what a crap kit for a crap club with the worst premier league ground ever- deserved to go down last season having well over achieved the season before and hopefully will go down and back to where they belong – the depths of the football league.

    18. Blue Peter:

      piss off Simon… these boards are for commenting on the kits not your own whinging halfwitted opinions, go to the SFC site and jon your pals…league 1 mate..has a ring to it!

    19. johnson:

      away is really nice template

    20. rossco rangers:

      the kits u will be wearing when rangers hump you at fratton park

    21. headrush24:

      If these templates are to be believed then well done Canterbury. After last season’s arguably dodgy home shirt design, it’s nice to see they’ve gone for a nice clean minimal strip this time. As for the ‘retro’ away shirt, another excellent idea. Both very tidy shirts, looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.

    22. pompey flo :):

      yeah simon we might have a rubbish ground, but it’s joint worst now with burnleys :)
      their ground looks like a museum, but there’s nothing wrong with it!!
      having fun in the fizzy pop leagues??

    23. Dojigeeza:

      Who says Simon is a Saints Fan? Please dont tarnish us with idiots like that! I’m a Saints fan, and have no affection towards the Skates – but I have to say the Pompey shirts are looking smart……

    24. Sam:

      I love the away shirt, def getting it. Not sure about the home. Its a bit plain, reminds me of the last few england shirts by Umbro.

    25. Blue Peter:

      Apologies Dojigeeza…natural rection I’m afraid!
      Fratton may be the smallest and the oldest but the atmosphere is unique, I’m sure any re-developement will compliment this as well.

    26. geofferspfc:

      anyone know when they’re released?

    27. headrush24:

      Yeah what geofferspfc said… I thought they were supposed to be releasing these officially on July 1st but still no sign. Anyone got any idea when they’re going to be revealed!?

    28. headrush24:

      Ok I’ll answer my own question then… Pompey OS megastore says revealed on 21st July. Anyone care to share what the sponsor might be? Will it be Al Fahim’s charity as rumoured?

    29. southampton-till-i-die:

      they probably havn’t been made yet
      because they dont know if you’ll be a club
      WHEEEEY xD

    30. BISH_PFC:

      Well done on losing Bournemouth, drawing with Eastleigh and having less players than us!
      Cold in Southampton, no?

    31. andy:

      bad news guys… canterbury europe have gone into administration and terminated all contracts with related clubs, i think motherwell will still use their kit as its already been released but as for others i dont know?

      gutted really, im a pompey fan n these designs look quality and judging by the delay in release im assuming we’ve gone elsewhere for a kit suppier.

    32. Mike:

      Apparently Pompey’s kit will still be made by Canterbury for this season as the designs have already been produced. They’re just waiting to confirm the sponsor details before the launch.

    33. kris:

      the new sponsor is IHG or intercontinental hotels group lovin the away shirt btw cracking design

    34. alan:

      the home kit reminds me of last seasons a bit same outlines just without the gold?!
      i love the away kit though! lets hope we will have some players to wear them! lol
      Play up pompey!!!

    35. Dr Whinfredian Brown of Havard dshsfdjvbj:

      The strip is off the chain
      with hottness.

    36. DR No:

      I think that football is bad for the soul

    37. Barry Scott:

      Hi again
      Just out of Prison
      I love the shirt and will be at all of Pompeys home again.

    38. David Macintyre:

      This shirt is no where near as good as last years or my childs he made for pompey at home out of cheese it may be used next year but not of blue cheese obviously it would be to crumbly LoL.



    39. Wellightonboot:

      I believe that all Pompey players should be knighted

    40. Craig Smith:


    41. Nick Baker of County Duram:

      Portmouths are no where near as good as Norwhich

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