Pompey’s new shirt images

These are the details that Portsmouth fans have been looking for since the deal for Cantebury to make the club’s 2007/08 shirts was announced. The home kit is due for release on the 19th of July, this is what it should look like:

Portsmouth Kit Images 2007/08

So Portsmouth will have a blue home shirt, a white away shirt and a black third strip. Goalkeeper David James gets a green home shirt and grey away shirt, these goalkeeper tops are the only ones to have the extensive piping seen on the Cantebury training range already seen worn by the Pompey players.

Each shirt is individual not working off a template, so the Cantebury makers logo and the club badge are in different positions on each shirt.

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    1. digger:

      available to pre order now.

    2. w00dy key:

      nice 1 m8e five arrrrs

    3. sam:

      they dont look too bad, a little busy, but that fits portsmouth.

    4. PompeyPete:

      Not the complete disaster I was expecting, but still, whats this obsession with gold? It looks tacky! Should be red instead!

    5. PneLoudAndProud:

      Strange…never heard of canterbury making football shirts. However the shirst are pretty good to be fair…maybe more teams will go down this route after seeing pompeys kit?

    6. Bertie:

      I feel sorry for Portsmouth fans. Three horrible kits in three years! I bet the Southampton fans are enjoying this!

    7. Ian:

      Very nice looking shirts, wish my team came up with a BETTER home shirt (DUNFERMLINE ATHLETIC just released new shirt)….NOT HAPPY PARS MAN HERE

    8. Pompey4Life:

      Southampton fans can only laugh at our kits, however when they see the premiership badges on the sleeves of that new shirt their laughter will soon stop. The shirt looks simple and stays with the same colours of last years that worked well.

    9. lewis:

      well said m8, i definetly enjoying the derby shirt how about the scum suporters lmao!

    10. genkyda:

      actually it looks pretty good, but i wanna see how it looks on someone

    11. Gavin McElroy:

      nice looking good football debut for canturbury but pomepy wont finish above the toon

    12. wills:

      Very different to the other kits, I really like the home shirt. It will be interesting to see how it looks on one of the players.

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    14. PompeyLad:

      i got pictures of the new kit WORN BY THE PLAYERS!! today through the mail as i am a member of the fan club. i have scanned the images to my computer >> http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/325

    15. pompeyfuture:


    16. pompeykurt:

      yeah its lookin gd i got my order from 2day it looks alot betta on sol or gary or any of our prem players!! i think nugent will look really gd init!!

    17. Owen Martin:

      Lets change the sponsor who is OKI honestly??? The kits look good but this thing with the gold in the home kit it should b red. The material betta be betta than last seasons material. Is thier collars on these shirts or wot?

    18. bob:

      nice shirt going to buy it ,it is COOL!

    19. Johnny:

      Kit looks good. Gonna buy one on Thursday when it’s released. Hopefully Nugent will be ready to go on back by then

    20. Dan&Lilly:

      Me and my wife think the new shirt is ace. Rest assured we will be purchasing the new kits for our three kiddies. And the new scum kit looks good…….on fire!!!!!

    21. grant samways:

      gr8 kits i want 1 but i have to convince my mum to get me 1:( anyway klass shirts best 1 yet i like the home goaly kit the best

    22. joe:

      who ever did this about me is a thick piece of shit because u can’t spell redknapp or even premiership and i have had a season ticket for 6 years so haha in your face who ever did this

    23. joseph:

      This kit has to be the best one so far in the premiership and who ever did that thing that i hate it and southampton r the best r lying wankers and can’t spell

    24. v:


    25. patrick.burke:

      What is that supposed to be?

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