Paris Saint-Germain Kits 08/09

As has been reported on a source close to Paris Saint-Germain, these seem to be the new kits for the season 2008/09:

PSG home and away

The home kit, which appears on the left, is black with a vertical wide red stripe in the middle, bordered by two thinner white stripes. On the end of the sleeve, there are details in red. The sponsor’s logo ‘Fly Emirates’ appears in white on a black background in the middle of the shirt, halting the vertical red stripe. The shirts have a circular collar.

The away kit is white with a horizontal wide red stripe flanked by two thin white stripes, which are in turn separated from the rest of the white shirt by a black border. The sponsor’s logo appears in black inside this red stripe. There are details in black around the collar, on the sleeves’ end, and at the bottom part of the shirt.

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    1. Mr. Oizo:

      Wow! That´s a really big diffrence from the last shirt……NOT!

    2. Renato:

      Isn’t the home kit just the same?

    3. jon:

      BLACK or navy blue? Black would be quite different for PSG

    4. greg:

      It must be blue…the traditional colours of PSG.

    5. Pierre:

      Well in the information it does say black, I’d say the info is right. Lets just say black is not PSG colours.

    6. jeremygex:

      The sponsor is OK on the away shirt but it ruins the well designed home shirt. They could have applied a navy stroke around the sponsor’s name rather than using a black rectangle background.

    7. McEl Gavin nufc:

      the change is really big nike done a good job . . . . . . . . . Cough cough lies

    8. Tankfantry:

      Those are going to look ok as PSG wins the Ligue 2 for 2008/2009.

    9. Arsenal:

      The home is the same.The away looks nice

    10. blair:

      the away kit is dead nice

    11. liverkid:

      the home kit is da same the away is fit

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