Olympique Lyon 2009/10 Away Shirt

Les Gones have unveiled the new away strip that they will use for matches played away from the Stade de Gerland. In the season that has just ended, Lyon wore a blue away kit. Out of 19 away games, Lyon won 10, lost 6 and drew 3. Their longest away winning streak was 4 games between the 19th round and the 25th round. The club gave up its first-place in the table when it drew Monaco at home on the 11th April, going down to 2nd after holding onto the 1st spot since the 13th September. The situation was made worse when the club lost away to eventual league winner Bordeaux on the 19th April, going down to 3rd, and finishing the season in that position.

The new away shirt, which OL hope will bring them more success that the previous blue shirt, features a black and red design by English brand Umbro. Whilst the home shirt is sponsored by Novotel, the away shirt is sponsored by Ticket Restaurant. The top part of the 2009/10 away shirt is black and it fades horizontally in the middle into red. The shirt has a partly red collar, and red details on the black sleeves. On the sleeves, it also has white diamond details, which are present on most Umbro-manufactured shirts. The away shorts and the away socks are all red, with slight touches of black.

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    1. Ajay:

      Decent!! I hope it would be the template for Hull

    2. Dooshra:

      Best Umbro kit of this season by a mile. Maybe more of fashion item, but its sleek

    3. Smithy:

      Wow. That is immense!

    4. Jack:

      Nice kit love the colour

    5. CC:

      Pretty decent kits. The home kits looks nice, too. The away kit here is unique.

    6. hthejambo:

      very smart design the colour fade is smartly done

    7. Pete:

      Ooh. I ADORE the outlined badge.

    8. Watford Boy:

      thats awesome! by far the best away kit this season

    9. theredflag:

      this is awful! can you imagine wearing these? it would look atrocious

    10. pompey flo :):

      such a nice kit :)
      umbro have been pretty good this year, except city’s away kit which is horrible

    11. JhMfc:

      theredflag just u dont talk after callin dundee united just dundee 😀 bad mistake

      i luv this kit!!! outline badge should be used more often on kits

    12. Rob:

      What’s wrong with all you people (except theredflag)? That’s nasty that is, another hideous early 90s throwback, looks like something Will Smith might wear in the Fresh Prince…

    13. Nosel:

      Different but it is actually really nice, well done

    14. blair:

      this kit is freaking gorgeous !!!
      its completely unique
      well done umbro showing the big boy how to make kits
      cant wait for the rangers kit for nxt year(made by umbro)
      p.s anyone know where i can get a pic of the new gers kit

    15. cannon06:

      Unusual but really nice. Think it’ll look even better on the players. Don’t normally like outlined badges like this but it works really well.

    16. Liam J.C:

      I absolutely one hundred percent positivley love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. cory:

      Great kit. Umbro’s done a nice job with this year’s kits. I hope West Ham gets something awesome.

    18. danny:

      wot a really nice shirt. umbro are doing relly well with their shirts this year

    19. Ben the owl:

      this is a very nice shirt

    20. Eww:

      I think I just threw up a little.

    21. frantoonfan:

      great kit but would have been better with black socks and a similar effect to the top on the shorts but the black at the bottom going into red. Nice kit even for umbro.

    22. MB-MUFC:

      well. what can i say, last year we moaned about umbro, now we adore them.
      this has to be the best umbro kit so far, but all the others are great too.

    23. holland10:

      yuck c’mon last seasons was way better!

    24. Berbs9:

      Umbro is stepping up their game..the home one and now this? The fade is very 97 United with Old Trafford sublimated. Does this mean more kits will be one offs for their repective clubs again?

    25. loig7:

      gorgeous stuff!
      deffo approved!

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