Olympics: Japan Adidas Away Shirt 2012

Here is the new Japan adidas away shirt which will be used during the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

The Japanese under-23 team qualified from the AFC Preliminary Competition together with South Korea and UAE.

The new away shirt is mainly red with a watermark of a rising Phoenix across the front fo the shirt. Due to Olympic regulations, the shirt does not include the JFA crest, being replaced with the Japense flag with the text Japan underneath.

Posted by on March 15th, 2012 in Japan - Copyright Football Shirts News © 2012

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    1. Cláudio Cruz:

      Wow!!! No adidas stripes?! I like it very much!!!

    2. santa_maria:

      very very good !!

    3. Fred The Red:

      See Adidas…you don’t need those stripes every time!

    4. O' Bomber:

      Adidas can’t have the stripes at the Olympics because of some ban on advertising.

    5. Mustachioed Gentleman:

      I have to have it. Always liked their white and grey top but this looks fantastic

    6. rick:


    7. Bishop Corleone:

      The RED Sun !!!

    8. Craig F:

      Lol at the guy asking why its in red. I’m fairly certain there’s a red circle on the national flag of Japan, correct me if I’m wrong though.

    9. God:

      The reason people (myself included) wonder why it’s red is because Japan traditionally wear blue for football. The Netherlands have no orange on their flag, but it would be odd to see them in red white and blue. It’s exactly analogous to that.

    10. Davie C:

      Sorry, but this looks like it has been “washed” in a chip pan. What’s with the big greasy stain on the front?

    11. Nails:

      It would be odd for The Netherlands to wear red, white, and blue? Eh? Have you never seen previous Netherlands away jerseys where they have regularly used red, white, and blue? Or that their home jersey used to have white shorts (red numbers) and blue socks? Japan may traditionally wear blue, but this is an away jersey so obviously their home jersey will still be blue. You can’t have a blue away jersey as well, that would seriously defeat the purpose.

      So no, it is not exactly analogous to that, God.

    12. eradicator:

      Japan NT used to wear red in the late 80’s but somehow during that era they failed to had good result. They even failed to qualify to olympic while wearing this red shirt in the past… but somehow, many ppl here already order for this shirt…

    13. Ace_7:

      too tight, sleeves too long, neck looks shifted.
      The fabric seems nice though.

    14. bianco:

      this reminds me of the Indonesian 2010 – 2012 home kit.

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