Chelsea Home Shirt 2013/14- Womens

Chelsea Home Shirt 2013/14- Womens

adidas Chelsea 2014 Home Shirt Blue Mens

adidas Chelsea 2014 Junior Home Shirt Blue Kids

OFFICIAL: Chelsea adidas Home Shirt 2013/14

Here is the new Chelsea home shirt for next season by adidas. The official launch of the shirt proved that the leaked pictures doing the rounds were nothing but fake shirts.

chelsea home

 It’s Blue, what else matters?

The new Chelsea home shirt is mainly blue, as indicated in the slogan being used by adidas. The shirt features white trim around the collar, with the traditional adidas 3-stripes being in white. The adidas logo is placed on the top right part of the chest with the club crest on the opposite. The shirt is complemented with blue shorts and white socks with blue detail.




What do you think of the new Chelsea home shirt? 

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    1. BillionaireOwner:

      Hideous kit. Chelsea kits, like their football, are boring. Adidas only seem to make nice kits for Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen.

    2. BringBackSaint&Greavsie:

      I quite like the look of that. Nice kit.

    3. Herz:

      Good job Adidas! The kit is pure class. A lil bit seems classical but it even better with its simple and clean looking design..a calming kit.

    4. DeanoB:

      Not Bad, Not Great, sufficient kit

    5. Statto74:

      Beautiful, wish adidas were doing Tottenham’s kits rather than Under Armour

    6. Chelsea1970:

      Excellent. Love the pinstripes.

    7. Gortex:

      very classy, collar reminds me of the 1960 home shirt. one the nicest shirts we’ve had since adidas took over from umbro

    8. yorkshireimp:

      Nice simple design, probably the best Chelsea shirt in the adidas era.

    9. El Patriato:

      wowww what a damn gorgeous kit !! that’s the true meaning of classy!! nice one adidas!

    10. Greg:

      Both leaks that people were frothing over turned out to be completely wrong, there’s a surprise

    11. Gcsafc:

      Looks like the same template at the new real and bayern shirt hopefully sunderland get the same template ha 😉

    12. NortherHorn:

      Well I think that is pretty classy.

    13. brn442:

      Very nice effort. I wish the Adidas stripes could have ended at the top of the shoulder.

    14. anson:

      I like it! Like yorkshireimp, I also feel this is one of the best Adidas efforts for Chelsea.

    15. Marvin the Paranoid Android:

      Fantastic shirt. By a mile the best kit that Adidas have done for Chelsea.

    16. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks:

      not bad, not bad at all. I do like these, it is simple and just very nice. Adidas has done a fantastic job

    17. Cal:

      It’s a safe design. Not as in the chavtastic ‘safe blud’ – as in there is nothing to complain about, nor for that matter, to get excited about. Adidas have played it safe.

    18. Shoreham Street:

      Very surprised there’s no star

    19. rooney is soooo ugly:

      really really nice smart kit . adidas are the best

    20. Changeme:

      Another generic and plain Adidas shirt. Fair enough it is better than anything else that they have made for Chelsea but it is still uninspiring, a bit like the team.

    21. JJ United!!!:

      Haha… the fake kits floating around previously was so hideous… least this is decent enough

    22. Ehsan:

      Normal kit…Not bad Not great

    23. Jontait:

      No CL star? Or has that whole idea been quietly shelved?

    24. HORSEMEAT:

      #22 Ehsan
      SPOT ON

    25. mambojambo:

      I love the mid 80s style strips that adidas are coming away with recently with this and next seasons Bayern home. In my opinion the best era for strip design.

    26. Chelski:

      The leaked away and third shirts are real, chelsea posted this video on YouTube and at 1:25 you can see the leaked shirts on a rail, how they missed this I don’t know. The woman on the video says that the home shirt looks like the one from 2 years ago and also asks if the black leaked shirt is ” the champions league shirt” to which the guy says yes. Awful and lazy editing to not spot this and ruins a good shirt campaign so far.

    27. Lexie ~JT26~:

      Fantastic kit!!! One of my favourites!!! Simple and classy!!! Love it!!!
      And it would’ve been even better if it had a star…

    28. noftrad:

      Beautiful!It’s a safe design

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