New Southampton Shirt Release Details

Southampton have today released further information regarding their new kit. Details have revealed that the Saints would be unveiling a new home and away kit, 2 goalkeeper kits together with an extensive range of training and bench wear.

Their new home would be launched and available for pre-order on May 14th, and one can then buy the new kit from the club stores on Friday 13 June.
The kit will be designed by Umbro, who have signed a five-year deal with Southampton. The club have made a change to the kit cycle and all future kits will only be used for one season.

Leighton Mitchell, Head of Retail said:

“We have made the decision to move to a one year kit cycle for a number of reasons. Firstly the 08/09 season is the last in the current shirt Sponsorship agreement with Flybe and at this point in time we cannot confirm who the shirt sponsors will be for the 09/10 season.”
“Secondly, a one year cycle brings the club in line with other Umbro contracted clubs and many Premier and Football League clubs. A one year kit cycle will also help provide vital extra revenue to the Club.”

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    1. statto74:

      It’s quite a big move for the Saints, they have produced their own kits since 1999. Good job they weren’t relegated!

    2. jim:

      wow cant wait gr8 kits come on you saints!!!!!!!!!

    3. newcastle utd Gavin McElroy:

      umbro are good but not as good as the best make in the world adidas

    4. Steve:

      Scummers, new kits? They need a new way of playing and then maybe they wouldnt be getting a sweaty arse on the final day.

    5. JohnnieBoy:

      Friday the 13th as a release date, jinxed forever, play up Pompey.

    6. WoS:

      This template is the same one that will be used on the new WBA home strip

    7. poly:

      “a one year cycle brings the club in line with other Umbro contracted clubs”

      a one year cycle brings us in line with other small clubs trying to bleed us much money out of the fans as possible as clubs with big nike or even adidas deals are on 2 year cycles (at least for the home shirt)

    8. russ:

      another con

    9. dave:

      are they seriously trying to suggest that everyone else changes kits every year? most clubs bring out A new shirt every year but rotate between home and away. the 2 umbro supplied kits in the prem i can think of (wigan and everton) change every other year.

    10. saints 4 eva:

      come on u saints. Can’t wait till 13th of june. gunna be a nice kit and way betta then the pompey one. And cardiff are gunna win the fa cup!!

    11. robbi:

      sk8s suck, come on cardiff!!!!
      they bring a new kit to excite fans!!! i am a saints fan and i look forward to the unveiling of the kit every time, if you dont want to spend money dont but it!!! but for a team in financial difficulty thing like this help the club. you should feel pride wearing your clubs shirt not anger!!!

    12. Saints 4 life we h8t pompey:

      We always ave gr8 kits and this one is hunna be the best one yet. Way betta than the pompey one at least. come on saints!! Cardiff will win the fa cup.

    13. Hed bod Umbro:

      Umbro are the only one emplying this policy out of the majors. Note Portsmouth have changed after one season. Umbro always tie clubs to three year or five year deals if you notice

    14. Augustus:

      Well, it simply isn’ t true that we always have great kits. We’ve had some absolute shockers down the years. The Pony made kit with the huge tick (not the insect) on the front was the very worst but some of the recent in-house ones have been awful.

      I’d like this one to be similar to our great 70s one with the stripes and tram-lines each side of the stripes or the early 80s Patrick one with the broad white stripe, but my guess is it’ll be generic Umbro.

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