New Premier League Lettering & Numbers

On May 15th the new player identification system for Premier League numbering and lettering is launched. It has been designed to improve visibility and will be use on all Premier League player kits. This new style for the 2007/08 season will supercede all previous versions.

Premier League Letters Numbers

The launch of the new style was previously discussed on February 26th 2007.

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    1. richard nyombi:

      That will definetly look great and fantastic.

    2. nick:

      Looks crap!

    3. raymond:

      whats so different about it?

    4. Deggsy:

      Good to see the Premier League concentrating on the important things – leaving the bungs, illegal signings etc to sort themselves out!

    5. Kim Clark:

      Never mind the letters and numbers. Sunderlands going back where they belong !! Haway the lads & FTM.

    6. Lee:

      no one

    7. Gumszy:

      looks pretty much the same

    8. Dave:

      Looks exactly like the Umbro font

    9. phil appa:

      the new numbers look awful
      a h8 them me

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    11. Andy:

      looks beast but very simlar to last year init man

    12. michael:

      Heard Manchester City are after this “Player” 12

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