New Fulham 08/09 Home Kit

Fulham have released a sneak peak of their new home kit on their official website.

The new kit will be officially revealed on June 2 and available for order on 15 July. The teaser shows a primarily white shirt with shirt sponsor Nike having its logo placed on the top right side of the shirt and the club crest placed just over the heart. Club Sponsor LG have their logo placed slightly below. It also features a black collar.

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    1. bob:

      seems the same so far…

    2. Elmo:

      Ya looks no different to last seasons

    3. aaron parker:

      its probely not the same but just not sowen yet

    4. newcastle utd Gavin McElroy:

      it looks like it has a v neck

    5. efc bjs:

      hopefully the will of got rid of that stupid coller

    6. Tosser:


    7. fuzzy_3000:

      its got black on the sides, you can see it at the top of the picture

    8. Bhoy:

      I guess it will look like the Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, and other teams type of shirt, with that same bland design. I can sort of tell.

    9. Wegerle10:

      It looks like it has black on the edges of the shirt which last season it didnt.

    10. 18loon85:

      Looks like this kit may resemble the white Man Utd kit from this season just without the gold.

    11. Tim:

      Anyone who where I can get the 07/08 home top in size large?

      I can’t find it anywhere.

    12. kga245:

      It’s barely noticable in the 07/08 home kit, but it has alternating vertical white stripes. Looks like this is a solid white (with black sides?). The material is different too. I’m hoping the collar goes away too.

    13. george thompson:

      hey dickheads it is different your not true fans wankers

    14. josh:

      looks a bit like the same but im still gona get it comon fulham !

    15. SMOKE?:

      NOOO not another fookin V neck

    16. furby:

      i think it’s gonna be like the Osca kit from the 81-83 seasons, that had davies playing in.

    17. Reed:


    18. rich:

      after looking at it
      the shirt could look something like the nike teamwear brasil template
      look on a few teamwear websites that stock nike stuff that template looks quite nice its simple and looks effective
      this may be the style of the shirt:

    19. christian cockayne:

      why does the fulham kit have to be the same as last season

    20. G-Spot:

      It’s only slightly different from last season and the previous ones before it, but you idiots (so called ‘true supporters’) will keep on purchasing it. It’s no wonder foreigners own most of the sides; The English are the most gullible fools on the planet. I’m just thankful they won’t be at the European Cup to ruin the festivities. Go on you Krauts!!!

    21. christiano:

      good shirt, bad result, come on the baggies !

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