New Brighton & Hove Albion FC Home Shirt 2013/14

Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club have unveiled their new home kit for the 2013/14 season. The club’s kits are manufactured by Italian brand Errea which has been the club’s shirt supplier since 1999.

The club’s new home shirt features wide blue and white stripes with the American Express logo interrupting the stripes at the front center part of the chest. The shirt has a round blue/white collar and yellow sleeve cuffs. The club badge is on the top left part of the chest with the Errea logo on the opposite part.

Thanks to Ben!

Source (Images from Club Official Website)

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    1. NCFC1:

      ooh that’s nice :)

    2. AJH77:

      Simple design but very nice, the yellow trim is just right. 8 1/2 out of 10.

    3. Ur Mum:


    4. matt:

      Wish Notts County had the same reverse stripes. Errea make some great ‘proper’ kits.

    5. rooney is soooo ugly:

      Cant remember a nice brighton shirt , this one is horrible too

    6. Vern Fonk:

      Naff looking collar. Reminds me of the QPR top from the early 90’s.

    7. Kermit:

      Love how the sponsor is designed into the kit and not a retro print that fades or peels off! Well done Errea!

    8. Forest fan Nick:

      Shocking effort

    9. tonesterwolf:

      not bad for Errea imo. Not sure about the top of the back where they’ve incorporated the small Amex logo though.

    10. wesman77:

      Surprised they didn’t replace the Brighton badge with an AMEX logo!!!!

    11. DeanoB:

      IF they get promoted…will the AmEx logo on the back of the shirt have to be removed??

    12. Korts:

      As always, great work by Errea. I’ll be sad to see this and last season’s kit go, but alas, you want to sell as many jerseys as possible.

      And the big “DONATELLO” on the back has been removed, most excellent.

    13. RTFI:


      I shouldn’t spend too long worrying about that

    14. paul gallagher:

      bukta shirt 1970,s for those who can remember it ?????????

    15. Impartial Matt:


    16. brn442:

      Reverse strips aside, not a bad effort. Nice and clean. The AE logo in the back is a bit cheeky, but considering the sponsor alternatives usually seen in lower leagues, it’s nicely done.

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