New Barcelona Goalkeeper Kit

This is Barcelona’s new goalkeeper kit for next season. It is primarily black manufactured by nike. Nike logo is placed in the top right of the shirt while club logo is placed on the opposite top left of the shirt.  Half collar is grey having a small swoosh continuing down the left of the chest. Unicef’s logo is displayed on the center of the shirt.

Posted by on June 21st, 2008 in Barcelona - Copyright Football Shirts News © 2008

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    1. JamboMan:

      I like it LOL :) nice kit

      i mite jst gt it maself

    2. aaron parker:


    3. Smithy:

      Nice. Sponsor looks good on that shirt too.

    4. 19-MuFc-58:

      1 word – HORRIBLE!

    5. joe:

      same template as arsenals new gk kit…and every other teams with kits by nike!

    6. lfcredsrule:

      nice even though nike have used the same template for every goalie kit

    7. robinov:

      excactly the same as the turkey goalkeeper shirt

    8. craig:

      i like this shit better than lst seasons :):):)

    9. Matt:

      its got the line at the collar like the man u keeper kit

    10. Fily:

      Boring nike kit, same as every mediocre nike kits this year ;(

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