New 07/08 SL Benfica Shirts

These are the new Benfica kits for next season in the Portugese league. The shirts have different sponsor logos on each, the home kit continues to have the Portugal Telecom logo whilst the away shirt has the companies mobile arm, tmn on the kit.

Kit SL Benfica 2007/08 Photo

Benfica Home 2007/08

The new Benfica home kit is mainly a plain red, with a white collar and adidas’s three strips over the shoulders also in white. The SL Benfica club badge is on the left chest and the adidas manufacturer logo is on the right shoulder.

Away Kit SL Benfica

Benfica’s away shirt is a new design using a 2007 template from adidas. A white stripe seperates the shirt into pink and grey, the white line weaves down the shirt from the collar, around the middle going down the left hand side, before crossing across the shirt to the bottom right hand side. On the pink side of the shirt the adidas logo is in grey, as are the three stripes over the shoulder, whilst on the grey half the three stripes are white.

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  1. The Truth:

    I want the pink one so I can wear it round Brighton all day

  2. Amir:

    the away looks like a cycling jersey for a team sponsored by a well known mobile company.

  3. PneLoudAndProud:

    I am liking both these shirts. Pink 1 looks quality!

  4. PneLoudAndProud:

    What baffles me is how Benfica and Porto have the same sponsors…same 1 for home kits and same 1 for away kits :-s Any1 know why this is?

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  6. matin:

    BTW THIS IS FAAAAAAAAKE u can c the new one in benficas website

  7. Gavin McElroy:

    nice top

  8. Lamp:

    Very gay these shirts

  9. Laurence:

    The home one is cool, not so sure about the away one though…

  10. NtR:

    PneLoudAndProud said,

    What baffles me is how Benfica and Porto have the same sponsors…same 1 for home kits and same 1 for away kits :-s Any1 know why this is?

    Portugal telecom is the biggest communications companny in portugal and it also sponcers SCP (sporting clube de portugal) aka Sporting Lisbon
    they wish to have a market monopoly so…they sponsor the 3 biggest clubs in portugal
    main kits – portugal telecom
    away kits- tmn (telecomunicaçoes moveis nacionais) a mobile network that makes part of portugal telecom
    training kits- Sapo adsl that makes part of multimedia department of portugal telecom.
    wish that helps understanding 😉

  11. Ashley Gregory:

    The pink one looks like a girls shirt. The red one is great.

  12. C-M:

    ” PneLoudAndProud said,

    What baffles me is how Benfica and Porto have the same sponsors…same 1 for home kits and same 1 for away kits :-s Any1 know why this is?”

    – if you think about it, Carling sponsor both Rangers and Celtic – more than likely, both companies have agreed a joint agreement, for maximum exposure to the fans, to allow maximum profit. Porto and Sporting CF are the two major teams from the Portuguese league, as are Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Premier League. It allows worldwide exposure, and profit.

  13. makaveli:

    Great marketing move… the biggest club in da world.. Go benfica!!!

  14. james cfc:

    wens the pink wan oot

  15. kyle:

    i hate benfica with a passion and let me tell you how im going to be laughing and pointing while hating them, that away kit looks like it came out of a barbie catalogue its ridiculous…

  16. chris:

    I like the home one and really like the pink one!

  17. patrick.burke:


  18. vinni:

    the home kit is horrible but the pink 1 is just wicked ps -chelsea fc 4 life

  19. Stu:

    The away top is ace….. i got one whilst in vilamoura this year….top top (“,) not too HP about them nailing the pool at home though grrrrrrr

  20. s_candy:

    omg da pink 1 is gorgeous n da hme 1 is nyc 2222
    nuno gomes will b lkin sexi in dem

  21. solve quick tasks earn $$:

    I like design of your website What is the name of template ?

  22. cmd:

    maybe it came out of a barbie catelogue but who won first place? ooo Benfica .. if you don’t like them WHY ARE YOU ON HERE gtfo hater

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