NAC Breda Kits 2013/14

Dutch Eredivisie club NAC Breda have revealed their new shirts for the upcoming 2013/14 season. The club finished in 13th place last season. During their entire history – founded in 1912 – the club has won one Dutch league title in 1921 and one KNVB cup in 1973 (Dutch domestic trophy).

nac breda

Home Shirt

The club’s new home shirt is primarily yellow with a wide diagonal black stripe running across the front. The shirt manufacturer logo is on the top right part of the chest whilst the club crest is on the opposite side. The club’s main sponsor has its logo aligned diagonally on the black stripe.


Away Shirt


The club’s new away shirt uses the same template as that of the home shirt but is mainly black with bronze detail.

Third Shirt


The club’s new third shirt is manufactured by Belgium-based sportswear company Patrick. The shirt is primarily white with a wide black diagonal stripe on the front. The shirt has a white with black trim polo-neck classic collar.

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    1. bren333:

      Hmm… a telecom ad with tack football kit attached.

    2. Simmy AFC:

      Hope the 3rd nipple doesn’t come with the away shirt as standard.

    3. Korts:

      Man, I knew Patrick could make some shocking kits from time to time, but this is absolutely putrid! NAC (their full name is the longest one in the world of professional football) should’ve returned to Klupp, a Dutch brand which always makes great, clean shirts.

    4. Korts:

      I forgot to add, that black guy seems to have a terribly awful tattoo, holy moly.

    5. DeanoB:

      I love these, and I like NACs new badge. Quality kits, well done Patrick

    6. Mitchivic:

      There are nice clean sashs and then there are whatever the hell that is god that’s awful

    7. Doctor's Your Uncle:

      Nice shirts, shame about the giant sash and horrible sponsor.

    8. Andy:

      Awful, just awful. Could be made a lot better by removing that 70’s collar.

    9. Toby:

      Is this macron? No, this is PATRICK!

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