Manchester United Home Shirt 2014/15

Manchester United Home Shirt 2014/15 Long Sleeve

Manchester United Possible 2013/14 Home Shirt

The 2011/12 runners-up of the Premier League, Manchester United, go into the new year 2013 with a 7-point lead at the top of the Barclays Premier League table. They are followed by Manchester City in 2nd place and Chelsea in 3rd. United is the highest scoring team in this season’s Premier League as yet, with 48 goals in 19 matches. However, they have let in 28 goals. In fact, just 7 teams out of the other 19 clubs have conceded more goals than the Red Devils, and none of these 7 teams are in the top 10 in the league.

Image thanks to UTDFootball

This may be the new home kit to be worn during the 2013/14 season. It is not officially confirmed but we thought we’d share it with you for your thoughts and feedback. The shirt has a rather plain look, being all red other than the black collar. The collar is buttoned up in red and black buttons. AON remain the shirt sponsors before Chevrolet take over the role at the end of the 2013/14 season.

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    1. rooney is sooo ugly:

      ugly collar . nike are always manc !

    2. JARKKO:

      Oh no. This would be terrible.

    3. Aroldz:

      Ugly! nike no imagination ! inter milan kit 11/12..

    4. James:

      Joke .. April 1st ???

    5. @LJM_96:

      This looks really smart, people might argue it looks bland but it looks tidy!

    6. Rafael39:

      Totally classy!!

    7. YorkshireImp:

      Looks like Nike are using the Umbro design team now; just a shame that this style shirt was being tailored by Umbro 4 years ago.

    8. el panza:

      ugly kit for a worst club….WE ARE THE CITY!!!

    9. Smudge:

      This could well be real, I’ve seen a picture of the new Arsenal away shirt for next year on Arsenal Brasil website & it’s the same template only in yellow & blue.

    10. Cal:

      Bit of a poor show, looks like the Champions Umbro kits that MCFC wear.

    11. Ur Mum:

      Looks sooooo nice! Its better than the usual crap that nike giv United.

    12. MCFC2393:

      I hope this isnt the same for us man city next year a kit like theres but in light blue im hoping for one of classic 70s style like 2009-2010 season its bad enough having the same company as them

    13. Spudiator:

      Not too bad, but just like the current away kit, it’s the collar that spoils the whole design.

    14. bob:

      Bloody ugly just like that shrek impersonator Rooney

    15. David:

      Not bad, much like this seasons away kit but with a turn over collar. AON not our sponsors next year though I dont think

    16. Journeyman79:

      @15 David:

      One more season with AON mate… Cheverolet deal kicks in August 2014!

    17. Vern Fonk:

      I was talking to a Nike employee last weekend and he’s telling me the new United home kit has 8 buttons on it. I was expecting a baseball shirt.

      I see buttons on this buttonot 8

    18. journeyman79:

      If you look at the links posted above in the facebook comments section, you will see photos of all 8 buttons. For example, theres one button on the back of the collar on the neck!

      I really like it, and if genuine (which i believe it is) will be the first one i’ve bought for a while!

    19. Mr.Robson:

      loads of Asian schoolgirls will buy it so who cares?

    20. JARKKO:

      Do the number of buttons have any significance? It does look a bit unfinished with the collar, very thin. Not the worst but not the best either.

    21. Cal:

      Yep, 8 buttons. 3 black ones on the collar, 2 red ones below it, 1 black one on the back of the collar and 2 spares on the label inside.

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