10/11 Manchester United Shirts Confirmed

There have been some visitors wondering if the recently leaked Manchester United kits were fakes, especially the away with the unique design on the sleeves. Well wonder no more as we now have a further image showing the kits on display, at OLD TRAFFORD.

So these will be the shirts that the Red Devils will be seen in next season, whether they will be alongside the Premier League trophy is another question, as United trail Chelsea by a point with two games to go in the race.

If you missed the leaked images before, the home is here and the away is here. Some eagle eyed visitors spotted the Aston Villa, Celtic and Arsenal shirts in the background of the original leak photos and we hope to have more information on those shirts in due course.

Posted by on April 27th, 2010 in Manchester United - Copyright Football Shirts News © 2010

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    1. Big Bad John:

      Not so sure about these, It seems that less effort goes into Nike’s designs these days….

    2. Dan:

      Horrible away shirt, seems to look very American – wavy blue and red? Was annoying having the blue on our previous white shirt, but this is terrible. It’s a pity too, because I like the home shirt with the classy collar.

    3. Chris:

      Home shirt looks very 80s. Intentional?

    4. Stevie:

      Even as a City fan I would say the home one is pretty nice but the away is aweful

    5. rob:

      Poor look awful

    6. Oscar:

      I’m not a fan of either to be honest. The home shirt is okay.

      The away kit could be considered an American design. I dislike it.

    7. charlemagne:

      So no credit for the website this originated from?

      Pathetic website.

    8. Kylius:

      I know this looks like the real deal, but I know how Nike operate – very professionally.

      And the boots that the models are wearing are the old T90 Laser II, now succeeded by the Laser III – so unless these pictures predate February or March, it’d be very unlike Nike to model the new kits with old boots!

      Not saying they aren’t the real deal, just spotting a possible inconsistency!

    9. afafa:

      wow, home is really classic which is awesome, and the away is prety eye catching with the blue on the upper part of the sleeve combining really good with the blue shorts and the blue detail on the socks while the red provides amazing brightness!

    10. Daz:

      I like the away one, its different.
      The home one doesn’t have much to it.

    11. Iunctus Nos Sto:

      Is it just me or does the AON logo seem to be quite a lot further left on the away shirt than the home? Could just be the angles but it looks it to me.

    12. Greaney:

      starting to come round to the home shirt, but the away kit is abit to much, similar the away kit about 6 years ago, wasnt very nice. If glazers picked that, defo want them out. Ruining our club tbh!

    13. Greaney:

      Iunctus Nos Sto your right, it does look abit to the left. Might be a chance these are just one of many draft ideas, have to wait till its officially launched

    14. fuzzy_3000:

      It’s black, not blue…………..

    15. MisterBroom12:

      Thanks fuzzy_3000, I was going to say, in the leaked picture the top of the sleeves on the away kit is definitely black, not blue.

    16. jake:

      nike have run out of ideas, so thier copying classic kits

    17. D King:

      The home shirt is OK, but the stuck on badge makes it looks cheap.

    18. rowan:

      sigh… horrible. wont be gettin these

    19. Alec:

      Isn’t it a bit strange they’d do a shot of them with the Premier League trophy, which they could well not win this season?

    20. TheBLT:

      We’re gonna end up with early ’90s kits at this rate…

      Not a fan of those kits.

    21. bob:

      The badge and Nike swoosh on the away look pretty sketchy.

    22. jackbrown550:

      they both look very cheap in my opinion

    23. jin:

      this is a tragedy…..I hope this is only a nightmare

    24. Frantoonfan:

      they are ok bit boring don’t know why they have a naff lightning thing on the away shirt :S

    25. Pablo5:

      Wheres Hulk???????????????????????????????????????????????

    26. Mark:

      WTF is an American design??? Piss off. All shirts from the 80’s/90’s looked like that. There’s nothing wrong with American shirts these days.

    27. Mike MUFC:

      lets just say, i hope some day we say goodbye to Nike.. why not pick Umbro Man Utd? it’s a make from Manchester, so .. yanoo 😛

    28. Red Devil:

      I would just like to assure all of you that these kits are 100% fake. I myself work within old trafford and know that utd and nike are extremely good at keeping their designs a secret until at the very least may time. And another thing is that we will not be changing the home kit or third kit this season. They have only been out for one season and just the sponsor will change on the kit. As for the away kit it will still be white but nothing like the design shown!

    29. Paul:

      Possibly the worst United away shirt ever.

    30. art:

      absolutely horrible..
      Nike,please dont make this the official kit..

    31. HEARTS:


    32. Jay.j:

      The home kit looks OK but whats happing with the away kit it lokks like a bloody training how? rubbish

    33. Jay.j:

      Let me say something TO man.u COME BACK TO 2010 NOT GOIN BACK TO THE 80’S

    34. JP:

      I am not a manu u fan.. But these shirts seem real nice.. :)

    35. zakaria:

      I think Jay.j is right come back to 2010 not the 80’s


    36. Jay.j:

      Sorry who ever saw my second one it was ment 2 say the home kit looks OK but whats happening with the away kit it looks like a bloody training kit.

      HOW rubbish

    37. Dan:

      Those are Horrid shirts. I agree with most people on the fact that the nike designs are going downhill, only nice one they make is the villa shirt but even so there change from this seasons from last was pretty lazy. Hope villas is released/leaked soon so i can compare it :P.

    38. Bruno:

      the home shirt is amazing!!! buts the away is horrible

    39. Iunctus Nos Sto:

      I thought the current kit was a one year anniversary with the V commemorating the kit we wore for our first FA cup win? Which would explain the change of kits after one season.

    40. Iunctus Nos Sto:

      That aside, i really like the home kit and would definately buy that if it were to be out new kit. Nicest one for a few years. The away leaves a lot to be desired however…

    41. gaz71:

      im a united fan and i like both kits , i hope the third kit will be green and gold halfs , or a blue stripe .

    42. ARCH40:

      i dont know why all team sponsor by nike ( man utd, arsenal, barcelona, wear such old fashion jersey. all adidas is a lot better the like of chelsea, liverpool, marseille, real madrid

    43. ARCH40:

      i am a hard man u fans that why want to say dont go back to the 80′. 80′ was liverpool glorious period. 90′ was ours. dont forget

    44. jay:

      gaz71 how could u like both it’s all about the red one

    45. loyd:

      both kits look SH*T buy the way J u should support man u

    46. jennifer:

      this is so awful j u should support manu

      p.s:J what team do u support now?

    47. j:

      Jennifer I support Liverpool what team do u support

    48. jennifer:

      I support ARSENAL da best!

    49. j:

      y do u support ARSENAl there rubbish

    50. jennifer:

      Cuz ther da best team in da WORLD 😛

    51. j:

      OK then how could U!

    52. j:


    53. j:


    54. jennifer:

      SORRY J IT WAS MENT 2 SAY Jennifer said, NOT J said,

    55. jpbefc67:

      i thought the glaziers would have called the green and gold brigades bluff and used those colours for the away strip..maybe a 3rd strip?? that would be so funny

    56. johneffkay:

      Here are the problems with this photo:
      The Premiership trophy is tiny and doesn’t have its base. It is never in a photo like this without its base.
      Utd haven’t won the league (yet) so they wouldn’t tempt fate by having it in the photo.
      It would be the first time in years that players are not modeling the new shirts.
      Great marketing strategy by Man U. The table cloth really shows up the new kit
      These are fake.
      However – these fakes are never too far away from the real thing.

    57. mike:

      mike said,
      keep it old school and simple the sleeve with the “white bolt of lightening ” makes it look too modern and now looks like a Nike runners top
      should keep it basic white or basic yellow/green or basic blue ,
      Stick on badge makes it look slap dash too,
      shame really but a lot better than previous “modern designs” we had like horrendous grey or silly black referees strips.

    58. mike:

      also away kit looks like a bolton kit

    59. rooney10:

      these shirts are real. every year nike & adidas come out with templates they use for majority of their designs. Nike is already using the collar for barcelona & atletico next season so these leaks are the real deal. And i cannot remember the last time a team didnt change their kit when they got new sponsors. It would just look wrong. Besides im loving these designs, united need a shirt with a collar. Havent had one since the treble, hope we repeat it with this kit.

    60. brad:

      these shirts were in the sun newspaper and on mutv, they are copies of the 1980-81 shirts. I don’t mind them to be honest… oh and can anybody tell me what Aon is?

    61. Glenn:

      I’m like the retro home style, but the away kit looks like the horrible one’s of the nineties…but you can’t fault retro

      Yid Army!

    62. le roi:

      A version of the home kit was worn by the United XI at the United Relief event on Saturday May 1.

    63. nugstar:

      New mercurials and total 90 colours on show aswell

    64. ahmed:

      nice home shirt but the away shirt i’m not sure about it

    65. chris:

      terrible kit how bad can it get, mabey adidad for man utd?? :)

    66. Mncester United NO.1 Fan:

      I’m not a fan of the home or away. Seriously, such a great club shouldn’t be wearing this stuff! We need a new kit and we need it fast!

    67. united fan:

      i think we need adidas, they make awesome kits

    68. mojonaut:

      That home kit is growing on me. But still, a bit too orange for my liking. What material will it be made of? The new Rep. of Ireland home kit (by Umbro) is a more cotton-like material. I’m hoping this is a trend followed by football shirt manufacturers since I’m sick to death of sweaty nylon. I think it looks classier as cotton also.

      The away shirt looks paints, but the collar on it is the same as the training tops from this season, so I’d be willing to bet that’s what it is. United never have red on their away tops. The current white jersey is the most we’ve had in my memory.

      reddevil: I want to believe you. Especially because I actually like the chevron design, both home and away. But the white jersey IS the third kit, and it’s two seasons old now. Also, for the past two jersey rotations, United have had leaks of the design, or something very close. Last season we saw a red-on-white chevron design (which turned out to be a not-very-often used goalkeeper jersey) leaked onto the net, two seasons before that, we had the red-with-white-stripe-down-the-back design online months before it was announced. At this point we might as well do what all the big adidas-branded clubs should do and show the jerseys for the following season before the close season. Or maybe just keep a kit for longer than a year…

      And yes, I echo those that are seeking a switch to adidas. They’re much nicer shirts. You could go retro with them and I wouldn’t mind!

    69. ben:

      HAHAHA from ugly to utterly uglier, if you thot the 09/10 ‘s shirts were ugly this is horrendous, this is 1980s shirts folks. The away one is so american maybe the Glazzers designed it lol. i cant believ rooney wld want to stay & wear such a shirt. this will scare potential summer signings lol check at chelsea’s new blue beauty with a slick red collar

    70. Alex:

      if this is a real photo then why is the premiership trophy shown, didn’t chelsea win the league

    71. Aaron:

      i wish kappa did manutd shirts like the old wales tops and this seasons lush valencia top!! and there always that stretchy material!!! although i like the idea of a collar but i hate everything nike make …its either boring or cheap!! I also believe our 2nd and 3rd kits should always be black and sometimes white!!

    72. MovedManc:

      To “red devil”, what an idiot.
      1. Nike kits get leaked every year. They’re a big company and will have a lot of people working on their kits (so more chance of a leak).
      2. The third kit may be the same as the current away one (with updated sponsor) but the home kit will change (just like it did when we changed to AIG) and so will the away kit.

      Please stop pretending you’re more important than you are. I’m guessing that you either have nothing to do with OT or you have some menial job there with no perks.

    73. david:

      if u look at the united home kit the picture seems to be stretched and dead blurry so im not to sure if its a defo real kit or not

    74. Stephen:

      looks kinda bad..both of them…i dont think they are fake but i am considering it seeing how the away dude has old nike laser II’s on and not the III’s.

    75. dan:

      the home kit is boring and looks rushed… dont like the two tone socks…. and as for the away shirt… truly awfull… in the same league as the unlucky grey kit and the reversable kit! united should be looking classy and when they win the league next year 😉 i hope their sporting something much nicer than these.

    76. mick84:

      Hope these are fake they are crap

    77. Jake:

      2 Words ..
      Ugly Shirts !!

    78. noah:

      I’m a man u fan and even i have to say that these are rubbish!

    79. Azlan:

      this photo is edited, you can see they pasted the AON bit

    80. John Bennett:

      I’m a Man utd fan through and through as the majority of you lot are as well and i dont like either of these kits the away is completely S*** im not buying that at all and the home kit could look alot better i was born in 1993 so its harder for me to say its a 1980’s or 1990’s shirt but i remember the seasons 1998-2000 and even though they were an amazing couple of years i didnt like the shirts at all back then it was kool and new but now its boring and old…

    81. Boltos:

      Haha at red devil! “i work at old trafford, im the best, these are 100% fake” thing is mate, im now sat wearing that exact home kit! Muppet

    82. LukeMuFc:

      I’m wearing the home kit now and have pre-ordered that White one !! —–> real!!

      Me myself I love both and I am a man utd fan through and through … They are the best kits we’ve had in a long time !!

      United United United

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