Manchester United 2013/14 Nike Goalkeeper Kits

Manchester United was the team that conceded the highest number of goals out of the four top clubs in the 2012/13 Barclays Premier League, but they made up for this by scoring the highest number of goals out of all clubs in the league. Spanish young goalkeeper David de Gea made the most appearances in goal for United with 41 total appearances in all competitions, while the Dane Anders Lindegaard made 13 appearances.


These are the kits which the two goalkeepers will wear during the upcoming 2013/14 season. The kits are manufactured by Nike and for the last season, sponsored by AON before Chevrolet take over the role next season. The bodies of both shirts are quartered, with the upper right and lower left quarters being diagonally striped. The home goalkeeper shirt is green, while the away goalkeeper kit is yellow. The body of each shirt is a lighter shade of the respective colour than appears on the sleeves and collar.

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    1. Bernie Balm:

      They’re not horrible. A black and grey one would be good too

    2. JARKKO:

      Certainly unique. Agree with Bernie regarding grey/black.

    3. chrissn:

      The Yellow one is AWESOME!! Hope Arsenal Gets the same!!!

    4. yorkshireimp:

      Interesting designs, why did England not get a version of this ?.

    5. rooney is soooo ugly:

      awful designs . awful colours

    6. Rodney:

      The yellow 1 is nice but the green 1 is horrible.

    7. Sainty:

      Hopefully Frazer Forster will be wearing these next season seeing as we usually deck out keepers in yellow or green.

    8. JARKKO:

      Think United will have this as an exclusive design, at least for this season, they usually get a bespoke goalkeeper kit.

      England don’t get unique designs because most national teams get teamwear goalkeeper kits from Nike, only exception I can recall is France.

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