Man Utd to wear white on Champions League Final night

Manchester United will be wearing their white away strip when they take on Catalan giants Barcelona in the Champions league Final. This breathtaking match will take place at the Stadio Olimpico in the Italian capital city Rome on the 27th May 2009. Barcelona will be wearing their red and blue home shirt for this important event. Both clubs have finished top of their respective leagues, and many argue that they are the best two clubs in Europe, and that this is the best possible combination for an exciting game of football in the UEFA Champions League Final stage.


The decision to wear white for this match comes after both alternative kits clash with the colours of Barcelona’s home strip. Manchester United’s 2007/09 home shirt is red, while the special edition 1968 European Cup commemorative third shirt is blue. Both of them clash with the halved, red and blue shirt of the Catalans. Looking back at history, when Man Utd played Barca in the 1991 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final, the Red Devils wore their away strip and won the encounter by the score of 2-1. However, when Barcelona wore their home shirt in the 2006 Champions League Final against Arsenal, they won the match by 2-1. What is certain is that it will be one of the season’s best matches, and whoever wins, deserves to be crowned Champion of Europe.


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    1. paul:

      come on barca

    2. Henryk:

      Should be able to see each other well on the night, as a Hammer best of luck to you!

    3. Alligator:

      The best champions league final since 1994 (Barcelona – Milan)

    4. Sir Fergie:

      F*ck off Paul

    5. Man.united7:

      I was hoping thei would wear the blue, like in 69

    6. Watford Boy:

      iam a neutral donmt mind who wins good luck both of you


      united should get to wear home shirt as they won the champions league before so therefore should have priority.

    8. liverpool fan:

      come on barca man u was cocky about winning 4 or 5 trophys this year and they was looky 2 get the league trophy hahaha

    9. theredflag:

      i agree. as its not a home game for barcelona they sholud wear there away strip just as united will.

    10. RAFChris:

      I reckon if United did have priority they would of worn the Blue shirt as its a special European shirt for this season.
      Oh and Man.united7 they whore blue in 68 not 69.

    11. bob:

      Come on Barcelona!!! S hit on those white b astards!!!

    12. Allan:

      Barca have been designated the home team for this final, so they get to wear their home kit.

    13. gazza:

      glory glory man united!

    14. GW1:

      Come on Barcelona! 😀

    15. Simon:

      Messi, Eto’o, Xavi, Iniesta!

      We can do it!

    16. Awais:

      Why Can Barca Wear there Yellow Kit Surely we Should be allowed to To wear Blue We Qualified for the Final Before Them… :@

    17. Brendan BeeSpur:

      does it matter?

      best of luck to both teams.

    18. The_Kaizer:

      Not supporting the english team, some people are such scum bags. We just launched a bid for the world cup and half the country are already cheering for spain. Fuck off liverpool you trophy-less twats.

    19. Andrew:

      what’s wrong with the black one?

    20. sandman:

      andrew you tit, thats last season

    21. sereyoudom(cambodia):

      I think Man utd’s red shirts is the lucky shirts for win the Champion league , but it doesn’t matter Man utd will be the winner . I am a Man utd’s crazy fan from the kingdom of wonder(cambodia).

    22. Jack:

      A bit of a kick in the teeth for United’s marketing department methinks! Launching a blue European away kit at the start of the season only to discover the can’t wear it in the Final! Still, if they’re good enough to win it, it doesn’t matter what colour of shirt they wear……..

    23. sparkysox:


    24. Not from the UK:

      First and foremost, I’m rooting for football. If I see Barcelona or United go 1 up early on and park the bus, I’ll turn it off and go do something else. I want to see both teams employ attacking, fast-paced creative football with every player giving 110% for the full 90, and as long as I see that, I could care less who wins. If I had to pick a winner I’d choose Barcelona, but I’d rather just watch good football. It’s hard to come by these days…

    25. Liam:

      Comee on Uou REDS! UNITED all the wayy 2 years in a row!!

    26. Forest4eva:

      If you’re english, you support an english team! I hate man u! jus like every other non man u fan, but as theyre english, gotta support them! up the reds!

    27. ccfc:

      man u scum

    28. Calum:


    29. MotherPhucker:

      Calum shut the fuck up otherwise ill batter you. Come on United.

    30. champions of europe, champions of england!!!:

      united united united united united!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. GW1:

      Personally I hope Utd get tonked, English or not, and then go bust with their billion pound debt. Let the good times roll!

    32. Red Devil:

      United will wear white as they are the designated away team. This was decided when the draw for the quarter finals and semi finals where made. The winners of the United/Inter/Arsenal/Villareal part of the draw where designated as the away team for the final. Come on you reds!

    33. Tim:

      Here’s the version they will wear:

    34. southymufc:

      Man.united7 get your facts right it was 68 and dont say it is one year out because that is one of the most important years of our history

    35. Freddybobs:

      Did I get that right? Someone calling themselves “CCFC” – which can only equate to one team – calling another football team “scum”? Strange world you live in. And a filthy city.

    36. Charlie, Manchester:

      “which can only equate to one team…”

      Cardiff or Coventry?

    37. Ashley:

      come on u reds lets go and fucl<ing kill them spainish dicl<heads

    38. GW1:

      CCFC could also be Chester City…not that I really care. And to Ashley, it’s Catalonia not Spain.

    39. Ferguson's Red n White Army:

      It doesn’t matter what shirt we wear, or who supports us, we will champion Europe once again….only 1 more left Rafa!!!! Trophy count: 4 so far this season, 5 when we take the CL!!!

    40. CONOR G:

      cmon united 😀
      man utd 3-2 bacelona
      (rooney, ronaldo x2)
      (eto’o, iniesta)

    41. Your dad:


    42. MAKAN:

      but if BARCA win the game, man u. fans will ARSE WHIPPED for ever! :))))))

    43. ryan:

      cmon barca!
      unt were lucky to win it last year, chelsea played them off the park.
      Drogba was as angry as i was when barca won.
      chelsea , we need to keep our manager ,i meen last year, the guy lost the league by a point, lost the champions league by a penalty won a cup. all in one year and he manages to get fired, a great manager needs time, look at alex ferguson, never won a think in his first year, 12 years later and hes a game away from becoming the greatest manager ever.

    44. fares:

      come on reds let’s go don’t let that’s chance go away . we make our history come on .
      man : barca : 4 . 2

      viva4ever manutd

    45. GW1:

      I notice all the Swamps have gone quiet now Barcelona won!!!

    46. WeWonItFive5Times:

      Alligator said,

      The best champions league final since 1994 (Barcelona – Milan)

      it think you missed the 2005 champions league final


      Liverpool 3-3 AC Milan (3-2 Pens)

    47. dave:

      I cannot believe any football supporter in the UK is not supporting Man United tonight, is it just because Man United are a better team than all the rest in the Premiership. A Sunderland supporter.

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