Longest name on the back of a football shirt

What is the longest player name that has ever been used on the back of a team’s football kit for a players name. We’ll pick up one contender for the title who appeared today as a substitute for Blackburn Rovers against Bolton in the 2-1 win at the Reebok. Zurab Khizanishvili. If you know of a longer name that has been on the back of a players shirt then please let us know. For working out if anyone else is longer, Khizanishvili is thirteen letters long. Updated: Sewey89 found Jakub Blaszczykowski  which is fourteen letters.venegoor of hesselink celtic

Longest player name on a football kit:

Updated to Venegoor of Hesselink, do all nineteen characters appear on his regular Celtic shirt?

We’ll update the page each time somebody comes up with a longer name, now looking for a single word longer than Blaszczykowski.

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  1. asha da basha:

    venegoor of hesselink at celtic?

  2. jo3 g!ll:

    how about david lee johnson -smith- harold of boston utd

  3. Federici:

    The longest name is Venegoor of Hesselink. No doubt about that!

  4. keizy12:

    Sno From Celtic 😉 :L
    I Kidd,
    I Will Agree With Big Vennegoor:D

  5. Felipe:

    Juninho Pernambucano was close…

  6. sewey89:

    jakub blaszczykowski – he plays for borussia dortmund, i came across him whilst playing football manager! its 14 letters

    i found one picture where the name was on the shirt but i dont know how to post pictures! :S


    sewey89 just paste a link to the image in a comment, someone will change it to be an image for you i’m sure. I found a picture but looks like he uses Kuba on this shirt:

  8. sewey89:

    i think this is him playing for his old team, or for poland, but you can see that he’s got his name on the shirt!


    good find sewey89

  10. Micah:

    I can only match that, but you win as i only have his name and i’m unable to find a picture with his name on his shirt. The Name: Rabesandratana, Eric, an ex-PSG defender. I saw his name in Match of the day magazine.

  11. Toothy:

    Not too sure about this one, but im guessin it is…

    Ibrahim Ba

  12. Artek:

    Here are some pics of Blaszczykowski’s jersey while playing for the NT of Poland. In Wisla Krakow he also had his full name on the back back once he moved to Borussia it was to hard for Germans to say it so her went with Kuba :p

  13. Kovas06:

    I Can only equal as well with Schweinsteiger

  14. MiKi:

    I couldn’t find a picture, but I’m pretty sure that when he played in Spain, the Argentinian goalkeeper Montoya used to wear:
    “EL MONO”

  15. sargon barkho:

    how about Socratis Papastathopoulos from AEK Athens?

  16. marconifc:

    Andrés Guglielminpietro, played for AC Milan, Inter and Boca Juniors. thats 16 letters.

  17. sargon barkho:

    i have found a better one actually than my previous one- Lazaros Christodoulopoulos from PAOK Thessaloniki- thats 18 letters


    sargon have you managed to find an image with that on?

  19. mr tee:

    there was a professional footballer from Thailand who used to play in Singapore. his name was Surachai Jatturapatarapong.. beat that!

  20. sargon barkho:

    i tried to look for it for a while now but rumour has it that he heading to west ham united, so i might be able to get one soon. but i have searched google images and i have found his profile, with a front view picture only. :(

  21. Rozzza:

    Hathairattanakool (thailand goalkeeper)

  22. LFClondon:

    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is the longest team name. They are a welsh team

  23. LFClondon:


  24. catman:

    clifsenghpourburgersue under 19 germany captain

  25. s:


  26. Joran:

    The longest name is defenitely: Marcio Markiowsczkynovicov player of Dynamo Buceresti!!

  27. w anker:

    omar dentest-ipolocko-geneeveski-wertascliffe beat that!! plays for andorran national team

  28. MCN RFC:

    Eleftheropoulos the Greek Goalie

  29. meeshoo:

    this player must beat some names in here.unfortunately no pictures.
    Charles Olivier Solofonomenjanahary

  30. harry:

    Pavluchenko?? Plays for Spurs?? Whittingham or Mccormack from Cardiff?? Its probabley Vennagor of Hesselink Wright Phillips? ex – cardiff city player

  31. jose:

    dimitrios konstontopolous- plays for coventry city fc

    omasirichukwu oginurwu anyanwu- manchester untied reserves

  32. bobby george:

    omasirichukwu oginurwu anyanwu-manchester united reserves

    dimitrious konstantopolous-coventry city fc

    lee ci -probobly the smallest name-some club in tokyo

  33. Euan:

    Christodoupolous – 18 Olympiakos striker

  34. stfu:

    you guys need fucking lives. go grow some bollocks

  35. LOL:

    Edson Arentes Do Nascimento Pelé <<< LONG

  36. Tom:

    Giovanni Van Bronckhorst

  37. Tom:

    Like above, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst…

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  39. wayne rooney:

    stylianos giannakopoulos 23
    beat that

  40. wayne rooney:

    sadly his shirt has only his first name

  41. Curtis:

    sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool, 17 letters, thailand goalkeeper, came across him playing fifa world cup 😀

  42. Birger "Drogba":

    Christodoulopoulos is also a big one :p

  43. Luke:

    dinyar bilyaletdinov has 13 letters as well

  44. Frank Oliver:

    Sokratis Papastathopoulos

  45. Tom:

    Vennegoor of Hesselink has two ‘n’s, not one.

  46. Big Si:

    Pascal Razakanantenaina of FC Avion (plays for Madagascar)

  47. talha:

    ricky van wolfswinkel

  48. SCFC:

    Troy Archibald-Henville (17) of Exeter

  49. Daisy:

    Bit late but Oxlade Chamberlaine for Arsenal is best I could think of.

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