Liverpool 2011/12 Away Shirt to be launched on April 14th

One of the most awaited shirts to be launched is the Liverpool playing kit. We have official news that the new Away shirt of Liverpool will be unveiled on the 14th April 2011. The club did not issue a teaser and the official picture shows captain Steven Gerrard wearing a blacked-out version of the shirt, shorts and socks. The club has announced on the website that the colours of the shirt will be solid grey, silver and red. As a bonus to the fans who purchase the shirt early before it is launched, the club is offering Free Name and Numbering.

We will keep you updated with the official launch of the shirt. The kit, which is manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Standard Chartered, will go on sale on the 12th May 2011. We urge fans who plan to buy the shirt to take advantage and benefit from the Free printing offer. The shirt can be purchased for £39.99 for male and female short-sleeved adult sizes, £34.99 for kids, £29.99 for infants and £27.99 for babies. A special edition TechFIT Away Shirt like the one used during matches will also be available to purchase for £74.99.

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    1. Tamrfc:

      I like it :) classy all black

    2. TOP:

      Looks a bit crap

    3. Ncfc1:

      Obviously it does now u spacker we cant see it fully yet!

    4. wilson:

      yeah but the outline of the kit looks ma-hossive

    5. Tel:

      I think it’s just this year’s home kit photoshopped black. Same triangle pattern on the front and beading on side and armpit. I see Gerrard’s going for the Simon Cowell waistline though.

    6. peter:

      u are all daft, this isnt it, its just a plain version of the current 3rd kit, 2 ways to tell..
      1 – the design, 2 – his boots!

    7. matt:

      horrible kit, just plain and boring, another stinker from adidas

    8. between the lines:

      the little quote at the top sorta gives it away 😛
      The club has announced on the website that the colours of the shirt will be solid grey, silver and red.

    9. D King:

      Why is Gerrard wearing Champion’s League boots?

      So Liverpool will have grey, red and silver wear next season. Should be interesting, especially if Kenny can make it 19-19.

    10. admin:

      For those of you being fooled by images going round of Suarez wearing a black shirt with red details. It is a photoshopped version of the Ajax 09/10 away shirt when he was with the club:

    11. richie4567:

      the new shirt for liverpool

    12. Hi:

      OMG thats not the kit!!!!! ****** hell!!!!!!!

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