Leaked: Chelsea Third Shirt 11/12

We’d been talking for a while at facebook.com/footballshirts and twitter.com/footballshirts about Chelsea having a white third shirt with a yellow band across it next season and we now have the pictures to show you.

Manufactured by adidas this shirt is the final release for the 2011/12 for Chelsea after their traditional blue home shirt and the black/dark blue away shirt.

The white shirt had dark blue and yellow detailed cuffs, a yellow band runs across the middle of the shirt underneath the adidas logo and the club badge, but above the sponsor logo. Above the yellow band the shirt is filled in in dark blue, which is also the colour of the collar and underneath the white adidas stripes over the shoulder.

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    1. G:

      First!!! Its Ok!!!

    2. Topleft:

      oh no.. I hope not! please be a fake. It’s awful.

    3. wilson:

      thats aweful !!!!!!

    4. cl4ytzfcp:

      It looks like the person who designed it was designing it like the fenebache home kit and then he hit his head woke up and just desided the rest to be white


      very 80s looking better than the previous black and lime green away kits
      at least its true to the teams colours

    6. Ken:

      Are you serious????!!!

    7. Syi'ar:

      Oh yeah! This my sh*t.

    8. BB:

      It could look good on player on normal picture.

    9. Erik:

      Just like when away was leaked, everyone hated it, but when official pictures were posted, it looked ok
      Hope that will be same here
      Can’t really say if I hate it or not, gotta see which color the shorts are

    10. Anthony:

      Chelsea do love their sh*te away shirts.

    11. geha714:

      I prefer this one to the awful away.

    12. Babay:

      Fenerbahce home shirts are normally striped not hoops.
      But you are right about the Fener have had a similar shirt in 2008-09:

    13. Gatherer:

      Nice jersey hope it will bring glory. Anyway Que sera sera

    14. Charlie Hawes:

      Why is everyone hating this kit? I think it’s not bad to honest, critics just need something to write about and I must admit the yellows a little off but that purely is the only reason why it’s been slagged off. Personally I wouldn’t buy it cause the away kit is really nice but if I had the choice I’d buy it

    15. Kopite:

      Looks more like a training kit

    16. bazza90:

      horrible yellow and white dont mix well

    17. LOL:

      Haha @ Chel$ea!

    18. Steven:

      Not the worst but not great. Would have looked better with a blue band rather than yellow.

    19. el-nino:

      odd top, dont like the collor hope this is not the 3rd top

    20. Agii:


      Fenerbahce’s home shirt isnt horizontal, but they had a 3rd shirt a couple years ago that looked like this.. (Bayrak Forma)

    21. I Hate Man Utd:

      i still dont like the away kit.. and disappointed yet again… the home kit is just awesome.. hope its fake

    22. BANG TIDY:

      That is dirrrrttyyy

    23. John:

      Looks like a LA Galaxy home shirt

    24. JP:

      AWESOME!!! real cool..

    25. zoran:

      reminds me of fenerbahce

    26. Pazzo:

      How funny, looks like a cheap shirt

    27. Matt Daug:

      Yet another brilliant design by Adidas. (Yes, I’m being entirely sarcastic)

    28. jc:

      its chelsea shirt for the the supporters.a great shirt.like every chelsea shirt.

    29. Jeff:

      Ouch. At least the Home and Away are good.

    30. andrew:

      That is awful, must be one of the worst kits around

    31. poker:

      its a fine top. Lik it!

    32. Tango:

      oh my oh my…chelsea’s away and now this leaked third ket looks likem training kits.

    33. Gaz:

      I cannot understand why everyone hates this kit – it is by far the best away since the umbro days. All the rest have looked awful – neon colours and fiddly adidas trim. This is simple, clean and will look a million times better than anything else us Chelsea fans have been subjected to by adidas. I do wish it was a little less dark blue, although I reckon the colours are slightly dark and murky because of the camera quality.

    34. Sam Addison:

      it looks like the chelsea season ticket/membership card LOL

    35. charliebob87:

      Looks like a cross between la galaxy and sum german team. Does black yellow or white even relate to chelsea?

    36. Sam Addison:

      charliebob87 – does lime green or flouresant yellow have anything to do with chelsea? nope so let adidas roll with it & bring back yellow & blue!

    37. poker:

      some of you guys are just envy, i mean this kit is clean and sweet! I cant wait to see dd luiz wearing it, they’ll look smarshing in it. Thanks to adidas. Blues or nothing!

    38. Levy:

      What a fake lol it only has two stripes on the sleeve :L

    39. charliebob87:

      @sam – just wondered if there was some history to it personally think whenever you see 3rd kit i see it as money spinnin.
      @levy – think its the black stripes you need to look at based on the colour of the logo on the chest as oppose to the white.

    40. Levy:


      my point exactly, only 2 black stripes

    41. charliebob87:

      Well i see 3 black although not all the same width so either your right or major design fault! Either way not the best shirt going

    42. charliebob87:

      Just read the description that says white adidas lines so if u take the picture from behind where there is a single blue/black line which cant be seen on the two forward facing ones then yes there are 3 white lines. Didnt read the info first lol.

    43. Sam Addison:

      charliebob87 tbh our aways are just as money spinning, maby the black n orange may relate to the grey n orange coors shirt but other than that WTF adidas??

    44. eli:

      there are 3 white stripes, the shirt is flat against the table so you cant see the black bit after the third strip, so obvious. its a sweet kit. nice one adidas. KTBFFH

    45. CFC_loyal:

      Sneaky roman used the old Russian Empire flag from 1858 😉

    46. Paul.:

      You guys pretend you know about great shirts as one someone above said how can you judge a shirtwhen you see it in a picture like this? Wait to see it on a player and see it for your self every shirt looks crappy when its layed out like this.

      Chelsea for life
      Champions league winners 2012
      Premier league winners 2012
      Fa cup winners 2012
      Carling cup winners 2012
      Community sheild winners 2013.

    47. Simon.G:

      Great shirt. Brvo adidas. Sweet kit. Seriously a great shirt just that kits all lokk awful when they are layed out like that. When it is released officially it will look ausome!

    48. Simon.G:

      great shirt. Bravo adidas

    49. Gordon Stewart:

      terrible kit. i do support them . worst ever kit in 2011/12 season!

    50. namey:

      last chelsea third kit green.. not good
      this one better, but still not good enough

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