Leaked: Arsenal, Manchester United & Barcelona Home Shirts 2012/13

We had leaked the Barcelona shirt earlier this year, together with leaked details of the new Arsenal and Manchester United home and away shirt designs too and now we have confirmations of the new home shirts of these three clubs which have their shirts manufactured by Nike.

As we had earlier confirmed, the new Arsenal home shirt (first from left) is mainly red with white sleeves, featuring 2 bands on each sleeve, one red and one dark blue. It has a dark blue collar and is complemented with white shorts and black socks.

The new Manchester United home shirt (second from left) will be as we had earlier announced too, bein mainly red with checkered detail in a darker red shade. It has a black v-collar and is complemented with white shorts and red socks.

The third leaked shirt in the picture (from left) shows the new 2012/13 Barcelona shirt which has a central red part fading into blue on its sides.

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    1. Dan:

      I think Arsenal and Manchester United’s socks need to be switched…

    2. SkyBluePhoenix:

      They don’t, I think it’s harkening back to when Chapman was first at Arsenal. They did actually have navy socks.

    3. augustus:

      Very retro, although I prefer to hope the sock monkey had a brainstorm.

    4. Bren333:

      Fairly sure they’re just socks that were lying around. Though I like the Arsenal look.

    5. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks:

      all of these are horrible, Adidas needs to pick up these teams to make one heck of a jersey. nike you have failed

    6. brn442:

      Not a big fan of the stocking colours but it matches up with the “black” hoop. Not too sure about the Manchester United Red.

    7. Bren333:

      Think the Arsenal kit socks might also look good by echoing the design on the sleeves.

    8. jungle bhoy:

      Can the person who loaded pic have a look and see if the Celtic one is on their camera?If you look next to the right leg of Arsenals you will see writing that says Celtic shorts.

    9. LG:

      Wouldn’t rule out last minute changes. Possibility these are still prototypes. Changes can also be made to the finished product right at the final hour. Arsenal’s 125th Anniversary kit was marketed by with Red socks. Yet when Arsenal take to the field; white socks are the choice. Awesome kits all round. Good job Nike.

    10. Freddybobs:

      That is, without any doubt, the worst kit United have ever had. Worse than the black V, worse than the huge white nike swoosh, worse than the grey collars and “Theatre of Dreams” tent of 96-98. That is a picnic rug for a shirt and the wrong colour socks. Nike and whoever’s approved this are a disgrace.

    11. Freddybobs:

      They MUST have switched the United and Arsenal socks over here. The red socks have navy bands, and Arsenal have had navy as a third colour for decades. Whereas black socks with a red white and navy kit, that doesn’t make any sense. So it’s only that appalling red gingham thing that offends me about Nike’s idea of how a United shirt should look now.

    12. Andreina:

      Utd’s looks like a tablecloth

    13. misterbroom12:

      I don’t think any of these are the final product, if they are even real at all. No one at Arsenal who has a say in this decision would allow black on the kit – especially at a time when fan support is all you have. Barca’s blues on the kit aren’t even consistent throughout and United won’t wear red socks. At best, these are just design suggestions and color clashing helps distinguish where there are changes. Doubt we will see these exact products on the pitch next season.

    14. Ben:

      Well, shirt wise they’re all quite good. Barca’s especially! The socks on each the kits though :/ I reckon whoever took these photos didn’t have the actual socks that were part of the kit. So they used whatever ones were lying around. I really Arsenal’s doesn’t have black socks!

    15. Tim:

      jungle bhoy: I’ve seen another version of this photo and I think it says “authentic” rather than “Celtic”.

      I agree that it looks like the Arsenal and United socks have been swapped too. We haven’t had red socks since 1971.

      Also, I’m not a fan of this kit, it looks cheap and nasty and there is no reason to introduce checks to a United shirt. I disagree that it’s worse than the 1996-98 shirt though, Freddybobs, that’s got to be the worst home shirt we have ever had. Not one redeaming feature.

    16. Dave:

      That Arsenal shirt is just plain BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is the Barca. What is going on at Nike???

    17. eddie:

      If your club isn’t sponsored by Umbro, you really don’t have much to look forward to. Don’t mind the Barca one though…

    18. West Sydney Will Rise:

      why is barcelona wearing PSG kits?

    19. yorkshireimp:

      It is rather sad to see a brand like Nike in meltdown with poor badly thought out designs such as these. With no respect for heritage they are only in it for a quick buck. Nike should stick to making trainers.

      Leave the football side of the business to Umbro.

    20. jungle bhoy:

      Cheers Tim,thought i might have been in luck there.lol

    21. Kevin Higginson:

      The socks are navy blue, rather than black on Arsenal and the socks cannot have been swapped as the red socks are the same red as Man U shirt and not Arsenal.

    22. D King:

      These are the 13th and 9th Arsenal and Man Utd shirt made by Nike, clearly they have run out of ideas.

      Clubs should change shirt suppliers every 5 years to keep the ideas fresh, and also flock more jackets etc.

    23. D King:

      Imagine if Umbro did the Barca kit. How good would it be?

    24. m:

      That Arsenal shirt looks awful. Here’s hoping we get Umbro when the contract is up.

    25. Noel Dunlea:

      Utds is ok. Red socks are interesting.
      Arsenals sleeves are a little too much .
      Barcas is really nice.Very classy looking.

    26. Dan:

      Tbh i am not wowed by any of these. Man u shirt looks poor, arsenal one is different i suppose and barcas is plain and simple.

    27. AdiToff:

      Three awful shirts. Since Nike started messing about with the Barca shirts three or four years ago they’ve got steadily worse. AND the fact that these 3 very rich clubs have begun changing their home shirt every year is pure exploitation and greed. Nike don’t change Celtic’s every year and it sells very well worldwide.
      The fact that they are changing these home shirts so frequently means, inevitably, that tradition is taking second place to the need to make another fast buck.

    28. Ross:

      Well pointed out with the Celtic reference. We have use of all 3 kits for 2 years each, and they stick to traditional ideas, especially with the Home Shirt. After the shambles that was the Umbro “Cut Hoops” Shirt, it was clear the Club wouldn’t allow anyone to tell them how their kit was going to be. Saw the leaked Black & Grey Hooped Away Shirt for next Season just before I saw the leaked Home, both look fantastic :-)

      It’s partly the Clubs fault for accepting that particular shirt template, they don’t just get offered 1 and that’s it, they’ll have a selection to choose from, which in Utd’s case above, is worrying :-/

    29. toonarmy:

      So,any pic of Celtic and Juventus?

    30. Francis Couqelin:

      don’t you mister12, is the arsenal kit not the final product? yeah yeah? ok.

    31. Red devil 1002:

      The manchester and arsenal shirts are real! love the Man u one!

    32. santa_maria:

      barca awesome, arsenal good, man utd ugly ;))

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