Just 3 Fans ‘Queue’ for Newcastle Away Shirt

According to the BBC News, the new Newcastle Yellow Away shirt has proven extremely unpopular seeing only 3 fans … queuing. Not much of a queue. Though the Newcastle official website has been reporting the otherwise saying that the new Yellow striped away shirt has actually OUTSOLD the home shirt – in terms of online pre-orders. Is this a case where e-commerce has really taken over our traditional shopping as Newcastle fans have opted to purchase their new yellow strip online and these 3 only had no internet access and had to resort to simply going to the club store and purchase the kit there or is the kit really horrible?

BBC News – includes video

Club Website

Posted by on July 24th, 2009 in Newcastle United - Copyright Football Shirts News © 2009

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    1. Jonny:

      serves castle right, what was didas thinking, seriously?

    2. comeon:

      well if NUFC had a stock of 3 shirts and 3 were queing, nobody is lying!

      I think, us the fans should punish those scumbags who are ripping us every year.

    3. GazzaJambo:

      Jonny why did you shorten newcastle and adidas for the sake of three letters? quite lazy

    4. Luke Yates:

      i love this kit!!

    5. Luke Yates:

      it’s going to be great to laugh at Newcastle next season!! hahaha!

    6. Luke Yates:

      going to be funny laughing at them next season! hahahaha!

    7. julioabruno:

      pffft I hope adidas are kicking each others ass’s in their corporate headquarters in Germany lol

    8. Dan:

      not surprised to be perfectly honest…..

    9. Dan676:

      worst kit of the season

    10. danny:

      i dont care what anyone else says i love that kit its different and everyone moans when its too plain something like this comes and people go its too different

    11. Ant:

      Two things …. 1. This is a shirt that looks like an everton mint made out of boiled urine and vomit. 2. The owner of Newcastle also owns Sports Direct who sell the kit for up to £10 less. The only 3 who turned up are complete morons who want all their money to go to the club reet.

    12. Jonny:

      GazzaJambo – keyboard problems

    13. fraserleach:

      alan smith is the only that likes the kit, hes even got hair to match!!

    14. DJM:


      Your post made me laugh for a good few mins lol

    15. ta:

      Ant, the club shop is running 20% off for the first few days, so not cheaper than Sports Direct.

      And look on the official site and there’s a picture of a queue of people waiting

    16. Liam J.C:

      3 fans is all that care enough to go out and support their team and buy the away kit, disgraceful. But in one way I agree with them. That is one horrendously bad kit and most fans would be embarresed to wear it! Even Damien Duff dosn’t look happy in it. Alan Smith is though that maybe players won’t play in it so he will finally have a chance.

      And if it out sold the home which I doubt, Newcastle fans must be rebelling. Or, the club dosn’t want to punish any more of its fans.

    17. clint:

      andy carrolls hair!!!!!! oh dear!!!

    18. lokibeat:

      ah, just like Porn…anonymity of the web vs being spotted buying it in a B&M store…

    19. betfair:

      shall we perform a headcount?


    20. LFC:

      Things just keep getting worse for the Geordies. Designed by a blind man?

    21. JoeSAFC:


      Isnt that the Que for the Dole office though ?

    22. JoeSAFC:

      Hey, they werent queing up for the New shirts.

      Thats the Dole office, This morning


    23. Jake:

      How painfully obvious a joke to make. Pathetic mate.

    24. Liam J.C:

      Newcastle United probaly payed those people to stand there.

    25. gunnerbob:

      next season those shirts will make good deck chair upholstery

    26. oggy:

      looks like a f***in lemon slice

    27. Ian:

      The video on the BBC video does NOT show that queue. Also, the comments of one of the fans is pertinent – what were Adidas trying to do forcing this on the club, they are a disgrace – thought that for a very long time.

    28. dtooth89:

      the long queue there was for the day after they released the crap shirts – they were there to meet the fans.

      it was the day before that when the shirts were initially released that the three people turned up.

      still, you’ve got to laugh! C’MON BORO

    29. dtooth89:

      **i meant to say that they were there to meet the players, not the fans**

    30. brn442:

      Maybe it’s only me but I like the shirt, and considering what NUFC has has as recent away shirts – this one’s a keeper. This club is a laughing stock for so many other reasons to be fair.

    31. ed:

      this kit will probably become a collector’s item someday…

    32. joe:

      I actually don’t see the problem with this kit.

    33. Watford Boy:

      lol 3 fans quein for the kit by the way i most admit the keepers shirt is fantastic
      Its a very strange unusual shirt though-the away
      Rididculous colours it is not very newcastle

    34. alex962:

      wins my award 4 worst kit EVER!

    35. bfc dave:

      i agree with alex 962 lol

    36. bfc dave:

      **i agree with alex962 lol**

    37. JordanRangers:

      i wouldn’t want to be getting chased by a mob with that strip on! nowhere to hide.

    38. Jarvis 25:

      nice one betfair, exactly, little bit more than 3, i was in that picture and i can surely say the queue went actually around the corner and much longer. so merr.

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