Is your Arsenal shirt cracking?

Cracked ShirtThere has been a problem with the logo on the 2006/07 home shirt for sponsors ‘Fly Emirates’ cracking which has been caused by a fault in the manufacture, that affected only some batches of shirts. In fact there were two problems, ‘delamination’ when the logo itself starts to peel off from the shirt and secondly the cracking of the logo itself.

There have been two issues. The first, “delamination”, is when the logo actually starts to peel off from the shirt. The second concerns the cracking of the logo.

Arsenal have said “although we have been aware of the delamination issue since early August, this was restricted to a single manufacturing batch and as soon as we were aware of the issue we stopped selling the affected shirts. More recently we have become aware of the cracking issue which we are advised only occurs on certain shirts after one or more washings. It was when we became aware of this that we withdrew all home shirts from sale last Friday. “Although we are assured only a limited number of batches of shirts are affected, we suggest that all of our fans who have bought a 2006/07 home shirt check it for these problems.”

If you find a problem with your logo and bought it from a Nike retail store or from the club shop at Emirates, you can fill in this online form here. New stock is being made available and they will exchange the faulty shirt. If you bought your shirt from another retailer or online you should contact that retailer/website directly.

Arsenal are not having a new home shirt for the 2007/08 season, but due to this fault discovered on the shirts they will not be available again to purchase until July 7th when they will relaunch.

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    1. william loveless:

      yes my sponser on my arsenal shirt start to peel off 2 days after i got it i only wore it twice

    2. brian o:

      yes my shirts logo has started 2 peel a few weeks after i purchased it

    3. sadie light:

      my shirt started to peel after a few washes,its actually hanging off now so i can no longer wear it as it looks tacky!! a waste of money,especially as they are not changing it this season,i def wont be buying a new one!!

    4. o'brien:

      My shirt started to peel 2 weeks after i got it.I took it bak and that one started to peel to.itr is a descrase to nike.

    5. rza:

      my shirt started peeling off aswell defo gonna give it bak get the new batch

    6. jimbolobydob:

      myne started to peel now i look like a skank wearing and ppl say its fake!!! im not happy lol

    7. bradleyamin:

      my pelled off i was well pissed off because it cost me loads but i took it back it is a shit shirt if the that is going to happen all of the time

    8. Louis:

      My hole l;ogo is gone and it started in january when i got christmas pressies.I live in New
      Zealand so cant be stuufed replaceing

    9. Mike Meadows:

      I bought mine at the start of last season with “Cole” on the back, two weeks before he left :(

      Luckily Arsenal offered to replace it free of charge, and changed the name to “Fabregas” in the process, and gave me a £10 voucher as well, absolutely top drawer!

    10. seegdf:

      My shirt started cracking after 5 days!!

    11. THE ARSENAL:

      does this mean that on the 7th off july JJB will have new batches???

    12. Liam:

      Aye mines peeled so a pulled the rest off, cheap shite!

    13. paddy630:

      No diffrence from last seasons

    14. patrick.burke:

      Why is it always the same home kits?

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