Houston Dynamo Shirts 2013

As the start of the MLS 2013 season is now only four days away, clubs are currently busy launching their new shirts for the new season.

Houston Dynamo yesterday launched their new shirts manufactured by adidas.

“Introducing a new uniform is always exciting for a team and its fans,” said Dynamo president Chris Canetti. “We are proud of the new look and how it represents the club. The base concept remains the same, but the new version provides a fresh, new look for the club.”

Home Shirt


The club’s new home shirt is mainly amber with white detail around the collar and white/amber sleeves. The adidas logo and 3-stripes are in white. The shirt is complemented with amber shorts and socks to complete an ‘all-amber look’.



Away Shirt

Houston Dynamo’s new away shirt is mainly white with amber detail around the collar, shoulders and sleeves. The adidas logo is in amber on the top right part of the chest with the club crest on the opposite part.


Goalkeeper Shirt

The new goalkeeper shirt is mainly white with black/white sleeves. The adidas logo is in black on the top right part of the chest with the club badge on the opposite side.


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    1. Augustus:

      S’orange. Quite nice though. Glad to see they’ve dumped the pale blue.

    2. rooney is soooo ugly:

      very very nice . classy

    3. Prodigy:

      These MLS kits are getting more boring each year.

    4. Doctor's Your Uncle:

      Not bad for an orange kit. Improvement over last years. Let’s see the sponsor, before we pass final judgement.

    5. Dynamo Fan:

      There is currently no sponsor. The last sponsor went bankrupt, got acquired and the sponsorship was paid off, but they won’t be displayed anymore. So for now, this shirt is blank of sponsors. These are better pictures, but they look awfully plain to me. The only remarkable aspect is that they have admitted they will play Orange/Orange which they’ve done very rarely previously.

    6. Ringo:

      The Dynamo get some boring-ass, generic kits. I mean, I realize the whole league rocks standard Adidas templates, but the Dynamo always seem to have the most basic of the bunch, and the two tone color scheme doesn’t do much to help. At least Colorado went nuts with the away shirt this year.

    7. KyleM9O5:

      Simple, but nice in my view. A sharp contast from the extremely detailed last home kit. Also the “Forever Orange” above the Dynamo badge is a lovely touch. On the whole, lovely. Kudos!

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