FC Krasnodar 2013/14 Home, Away and Goalkeeper Kits by Kappa

FC Krasnodar is a Russian Premier League club founded very recently in 2008. The club has make a very quick ascent from the 3rd Division (South) to the Russian Premier League, getting promoted in 2008 to the Second Division and in 2010 to the Russian Premier League. In the two seasons they played in the top division, the team finished 9th in 2011/12 and 10th in 2012/13. The home stadium of the club is the Kuban Stadium which has a capacity of 31,654.

krasnodar kits

The green shirt on the left side of the above picture is the new FC Krasnodar 2013/14 home shirt. The shirt features black sleeves and a black collar, and is complemented by black shorts. The away shirt retains the same template but substitutes green with white. The collar, sleeves and shorts remain black. A light-blue goalkeeper shirt was also launched, again retaining the same template by kit manufacturer Kappa.

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    1. rooney is sooooo ugly:

      they are rubbish . cheap and nasty

    2. Clayton:

      So they go with black shorts for all three kits, very strange.

    3. Aint Got A Kalou:

      Look like power league kits

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