FC Copenhagen 2012/13 Adidas Third Shirt

This is the new third kit to be worn by FC Copenhagen during the 2012/13 campaign. The club from Denmark finished runner-up in the 2011/12 Super Liga, and qualified for the Third Qualifying Round of the UEFA Champions League. They got through this hurdle against Belgian club Club Brugge, but were knocked out by French club Lille in the Play-off Round, where the 1-1 aggregate score in normal time over two matches was decided in the additional time of the second match through a goal in the 105th minute by Lille’s De Melo.

The team then qualified to the Europa League group stage where they are facing Steaua, Molde and Stuttgart in Group E. The base colour of this new Adidas kit is black, with white Adidas trademark stripes on the shoulders. The left half of the body is maroon, the same colour as the edge of the black collar. There are pale blue details on the sides of the body. The sponsor of the shirt is beer manufacturer Carlsberg.

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    1. Fotheringham:

      its a borig top to start with but that gray is rubbish

    2. rooney is soooo ugly:

      hell yeah , thats a cool shirt

    3. Batista:

      If Adidas stayed with Liverpool, maybe this wil be their away shirt.

    4. Honest Man:

      This is a truly amazing shirt, anyone who says any different is MAD

    5. El Patriato:

      actually i really like it, pretty neat!

    6. JARKKO:

      pretty disgusting , all adidas kits are

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