Derry City Umbro Shirts 2013

Here are the 2013 Umbro shirts of Derry City Football Club. Derry City is an Irish club based in Derry, Northern Ireland. The club plays in the top League of Ireland division – the Premier Division.


The club’s home shirt features red and white stripes with a white collar. The Umbro logo is in black on the top right part of the chest with the club crest on the opposite part.


As for their away fixtures, Derry City will be playing in a primarily black shirt with red trim around the collar and shoulders.

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    1. Doctor's Your Uncle:

      Goddamn that is a beautiful home shirt!

    2. Vern Fonk:

      Nice Londonderry shirts

    3. Dylan M:

      #2 The name of the city is Derry/Londonderry based if you’re a Catholic or Protestant, Derry City CLEARLY being in the Catholic side of the city means that they perfer the ORIGINAL name of the city Derry. Being a City fan I’ll get both of these.

    4. northernhorn:

      Londonderry is in Northern Ireland making it a British club that plays in the Republic of Ireland.

    5. northernhorn:

      Top notch shirt though!

    6. Mitchivic:

      well they aren’t British they’re in Northern Ireland. To be British you have to be on the island of Great Britain eg England, Wales and Scotland

    7. JohnnieBoy:

      Nice home shirt, the island of Great Britain, you’re comedy genius pal

    8. John:

      Derry has a population of around 85% Catholics. I think the name of the city should be up to the majority. Therefore Derry is correct!

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