Manchester United Home Shirt 2014/15

Manchester United Home Shirt 2014/15 Long Sleeve

Close-Up of the 13-14 Manchester United Home Shirt

We showed a potential leaked design for the 2013/14 Manchester United home shirt late last year and today we have a close up look at the United home shirt. The shirt is not officially confirmed but this is the anticipated design.

The shirt features a relatively plain look with red as the main colour and black on the collar. The collar features a checkered design underneath which may reflect the leaked ‘tartan’ black away 2013/14 shirt.

The shirt features the AON logo for the 2013/14 season with Chevrolet overtaking the shirt sponsor for the 2014/15 season.

Comparing to the 2012/13 ‘tartan’ shirt the 2013/14 shirt features a much more simple design. The original leak of the 2013-14 home shirt was leaked last December.

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    1. Chris:

      better than last season for the red devils. nice coller as well

    2. super frankie samford:

      wow. cantona-esq. Hope efc get this stencil

    3. Ryan F:

      @ #2 I highly doubt it – Nike’s marquee clubs (Man Utd, Barca, Arsenal, Inter, Juve etc.) all traditionally get unique templates.

      Maybe in a couple of years the design might get absorbed into the standard teamwear catalogue (such as the ‘Victory’ template with the ‘V’ on the chest), but until then I doubt Everton will be getting this design.

    4. N7 Bluebird:

      Its a Man u kit so automatically rubbish!!

    5. Belmiro Miguel Nhamithambo:

      Not amazed but love Man United. Will wear it anyway.

    6. PhilUTD:

      Would be great if it wasn’t for all the unneeded buttons, but it’s smart if not anything else.

    7. Sebastian Patriasse:

      did is sic man. Real sic like a nite out wit sum gak

    8. JARKKO:

      @ 4 – Are you about 12? Very immature comment.

    9. Journeyman79:

      @ 2 super frankie samford: “wow. cantona-esq.”

      You may be surprised to know… Cantona was actually involved in he design of this shirt! :)

    10. D King:

      Not bad, nice shirt. I think a white collar would be better (if not a black swoosh). The badge also looks cheap, why not iron on like the sponsor, or stitch look stick on like the swoosh.

    11. Ichan:

      This shirt is produced by nike’ factory in my country Indonesia. Some of Manchester United fans are already have this shirt here in Indonesia. FYI: from 09/10 Indonesia made Manchester United shirt.

    12. Cal:

      Fairly bland shirt.
      Also @ 8 – are you ageist? Very prejudiced comment.

    13. FP14:

      @12 – are you braindead?

    14. Sam:

      it can’t be next years man utd shirt, because they have chevrolet on the front of there shirts from next season, so all these shirts going round are complete rubbish

    15. SkyBluePhoenix:

      @Sam: that deal goes into effect the season after next. Do your research before you post a smart arse comment next time. Shirt is just as bland as most recent United efforts. Not bad, but nothing to write home about either.

    16. Vern Fonk:

      Sam, you mong. Can’t you read before you open you gob?

    17. EJ:

      Cantona would approve of that collar I think…

    18. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks:

      im liking this jersey, much better than this years

    19. rooney is soooo ugly:

      gross , typical nike boring boring boring ( with a mank collar )

    20. whtvr:

      Better than last (this) years but i wish they’d drop the reference to the Manchester cotton mills. In theory i like the reference but i don’t think they executed it very well and one season is enough. As for button down collars? Its supposed to be a shirt to play football in, not go out on the lash. Imo football shirts always look better with a more modern aesthetic. Nike are usually pretty reliable for good kits, but this obsession with trying to crowbar tradition/heritage into them recently, isn’t doing it for me.

    21. rooney's ugly hes a granny:

      soooooooooooooooooooooo ugly mufc worst club in intire football history the kit is gross

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