Leaked: Manchester City Away & Third Shirts

Manchester City have had another leak of what is supposedly their away and third shirts. The image below confirms our previous leak of the black away shirt and the home shirt and never seen before third/European shirt is also shown. The third shirt features a vertical blue and black sash across the front and City officially released their new home shirt last month by new kit suppliers Nike who took over from Umbro from this season onwards.


Manchester City were unable to retain the Premier League title last season where bitter rivals Manchester United made it their 20th English league title and the club have also lost Argentine play maker and forward Carlos Tevez who departed for Italian champions Juventus and they will be looking for a replacement with Edinson Cavani and Oscar Cardozo the likely candidates.

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    1. Andy:

      3rd shirt looks a beauty

    2. Rj:

      3rd looks unreal 😀

    3. Maximillion Tangmeister:

      Loving the third shirt! Can’t wait to get this on pre-order!

    4. digs:

      Agree with most comments to date. Tidy shirts (especially the 3rd strip) except for the ridiculous shield around the badge. CTID

    5. Dee See:

      After years of tidy, well designed Umbro kits I was dreading the change over to Nike. And when I first saw that garish excuse for the badge, I feared it wasn’t going to get any better.
      However, I do quite like the kits, and to be honest, the shield around the badge is a lot less noticeable when the kits are being played in.
      When it comes to marketing a club on a global scale, you cant get much better than having Nike as your kit manufacturer. But there is a lot they can do better. Next season, get rid of that shield!

    6. Kermit:

      The shield looks neat on the white kit but there is no real need for it on the blue or black kits.

    7. Dee See:

      Maybe if there is no way around making the shield and badge look good, we can consider getting rid of the eagle and the stars…

    8. Dee See:


      That is where the shield looks worst IMO.

    9. Andy:

      agree… the shield is very 1990’s

    10. Bernie Balm:

      Third shirt looks like a fag packet

    11. Sainty:

      As always City have superb shirts for the new season.

    12. Maximillion Tangmeister:

      My only complaint with the shirts is the naff shield. Agree with Andy (#8)

    13. D King:

      Nice 1st and 3rd shirts.

      No doubt Nike will try to get Man City to redesign their batch, or go back the round one of the 70s. Complex badges are too much hassle for kit makers so they end up as large shields.

    14. Tim:

      The shield is there in order to make the shirts as cheap as humanly possible to produce. Umbro would embroider their crests and use comfortable, but expensive materials and their shirts would be made to unique patterns for a good fit. Nike use the cheapest materials they can get hold of, ruin Umbro financially by letting all their contracts lapse (or buying out the two or three best sellers for themselves) then jack the prices up for their replicas.

      Umbro were a local, north-west company with strong links to both Manchester clubs, but thanks to Nike they are no more than a husk of a brand, tossed aside so they can sell us this junk.

    15. United!!!:

      must admit, looks good tho agree with the comments above on the shield

    16. Alan:

      White top with the two stripes looks very snazzy.

    17. tom:

      good job city nice kits (Chelsea fan)

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