Cardiff City Puma Home Kit 2013/14

Cardiff City have unveiled their new home kit for the 2013/14 campaign. The Bluebirds will be playing in the Premier League for the first time next season having won the 2012/13 English Championship.

The launch of the new home kit did not go down well with fans, with many labelling it as shockingatrocious and hideous on social networking sites.

Malaysian Owner Vincent Tan caused outrage amongst fans after taking the decision to change the club’s traditional colour from blue to red last season.

On the design of the new home kit, the club remarked that they have decided to maximise on the Puma King design and adopt a two-tone red home kit for this season which would help the club stand out in the Premier League crowd.

Cardiff also remarked that ‘the two Puma King stripes on the neckline reflect the fans loyalty to the club, which is appreciated by all.’ (Similar to the statement by Wolves)



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    1. stevenufc:

      The sleeves are way too long. Dreading what the Newcastle home shirt will look like.

    2. COYI:

      The relegation kit.

    3. Cal:

      The two stripes on the collar are more like two fingers up to the supporters, rather than a mark of loyalty. If the club/owner had any loyalty to the fans, the shirt would still be blue.
      Regardless, the kit is horrible – if they’d had the same colour shorts, it would be an improvement, but the two reds do not mix well.

    4. connor whincup:

      Chicken cho mein chicken cho mein you sold you’re blue birds for chicken cho mein

    5. My Eyes!:

      Very kind of a local school to donate their kit to a Premier League Club.

    6. CCFCthroughNthrough:

      As a Cardiff supported i am not pleased with the choice of template they have chosen. I mean just look at it, it is horrid. I am against the colour change and to have two different shades of red just sinks the knife in a little bit further. I am not the one for boring/bland kits and i am afraid to say this is one, and also going in to the biggest league in the world and it will be the first time in 51 years to do so this is what we get for our efforts. Vincent Tan shame on you for destroying our tradition that has lasted in out hearts for so long. WE WILL ALWAYS BE BLUE

    7. Bernie Balm:

      Awful. Why are the shorts darker?


    8. Mr Blanco:

      Truly awful and not just because it’s red and not blue, but why are the shorts darker? Like the Southampton abomination last season, it has no relevance to the club’s history, no thought has gone into it and looks like a leftover from a Sunday morning league team. Worst kit so far this season

    9. Korts:

      Makes them stand out? Really? I’m pretty sure bog standard templates aren’t what make clubs shine.

      The owner’s an absolute doofus. If he wanted more kit sales in the East, he should shred the contract with Puma, and get a brand aboard that feels honoured to work with the club and will create something bespoke. Not randomly change blue to red because it’s a lucky colour. As if Chelsea/Man City kits don’t sell over there.

    10. Mr Utd 20:

      Shocking kit. Looks cheap and nasty.

    11. Bacon:

      ‘the two Puma King stripes on the neckline reflect the fans loyalty to the club, which is appreciated by all.’

      Funny how that coincides with the two Puma King stripes on all the Puma teams wearing the exact same template this season..

    12. N7 Bluebird:

      As if it couldnt get any worse after last season! This is a complete shambles and is the still the wrong colour! I dont think there are many of us City fans buying that garbage i can tell you right now!

      One City, One Community, One Club……….and One almighty embarassment!!

    13. CCFCthroughNthrough:

      Hopefully if we are lucky enough puma and Cardiff will take a look at this shambles of a kit and maybe make some adjustments, they did the same to the borussia dortmund home kit ? but it cant be just adjustments they will have to start from scratch – a nicer coller, change the colour of the shorts to white or something ? maybe a few more

    14. Peter:

      bacon, honestly how can you be so cynical – the two puma stripes are clearly the best way to thank fans for their support, I mean what else
      Could Cardiff fans have hoped for more than two tiny stripes of a slightly off colour red?

    15. Carl154:

      Cant accept this dreadful kit, two shades of red. As a Cardiff fan i can see it now, all the big clubs chanting chants of the kit. i bet half of our crowd will probably join in to. 51 years outside the prem, the year we get in it is overshadowed by the rebranding. Shame on you Vincent Tan,for destroying a long tradition in a matter of years. Agree with CCFCthroughNthrough, I hope they do make major adjustments

    16. cherries_matty:

      Blue kit debate aside, it genuinely looks like they’ve been given the wrong shorts. This looks ridiculous

    17. Steven:

      The different coloured shorts look horrific… as does the neck. Really bad… hoping Wednesday don’t get this template but I fear they will.

    18. Scott:

      As a noted Cardiff-hater, I love how bad this kit is. They can’t even stick to red with black from last year which actually looked half decent (though not Cardiff) !

      @SteveNUFC #1, the Toon shirt looks a lot better than this, despite using the same template – though I haven’t seen it with Wonga on the front yet.

      Saints and Cardiff both wearing all red ? Something a bit wrong there.

    19. mambojambo:

      Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen ! Oh wait a minute…

    20. Totti:

      Truly shocking! Color-blind work at Puma?!
      p.s.Against modern football!

    21. I am who I am:

      That is just disgusting, I wouldn’t wear it in a blackout.

    22. Corey:

      Everyone says Nike has team wear. This is FAR WORSE!! Puma just slightly change the colors and badges and put out the same kit designs for dozens of teams. I’ll take Nike over puma any day!!

    23. Bentley:

      Corey, are you sure? I mean, at least Puma actually give you a design to argue over, even if its the same design for both club and international teams.
      Lets take an example of Nike. The New Germ… I mean England Kit. I could buy that as a plain shirt for a fiver in Sports Direct and get someone to sew an England Logo. Final Price – £15. And I’d trust someone else’s work on the logo instead of Nike’s shoddy quality.
      Id take Puma. I like to look at a design. If I wanted to look at plain round neck shirts I’ll go to Primark.

    24. Sainty:

      Would look better in blue!

    25. Rhinos1978:

      Scott #15, well said Leeds Leeds Leeds

      Bentley #20, no offence but have u actually got off your arse n looked at an England shirt, proper decent quality material n at least its true to england, white home shirt (fairly plain) n red away shirt (totally plain), just how they would have looked 150 years ago (do u not see the 150 year anniversary)

      Oh by the way, on the shirt lets all laugh at the Cardiff Red Birds LMAO

    26. D King:

      What a rubbish template and stupid comment re the two lines for the fans. I guess next season when the two lines are replaced it will be because the fans don’t matter.

      That said would Cardiff fans rather wear red in the Premier League, or blue in the Championship. Changing colour didn’t to Gillingham any harm either.

    27. Bosnich13:

      dear jesus no – what are they thinking…truly awful – will go down as one of the worst PL kits of all time and thats saying smething. its only redeeming feature is that it doesnt have my clubs badge on it

    28. Jelly McBean:

      Hey, 2-in-1!! It can double as the Malaysia national team kit!

    29. MattCityBlue:

      Colour aside the template is so ordinary, it hurts.
      There ain’t much passion or pride on display here, that’s for sure.

      I don’t mind the darker red shorts, however the impact of them is lost because the darker red really doesn’t stand out on the shirt.

    30. Doctor's Your Uncle:

      Yuck! The Bluebirds in “Malaysian Red”. Ew!

    31. jack:

      Would love to know how two lines represent fan’s loyalty….

    32. rooney is soooo ugly:

      not nice . should have kept black shorts

    33. HowToDealWithChange:

      I actually really like Cardiff in red, always found their blue kits really boring, never felt it suited them, no matter how much of a tradition it was.

      They’re not the first to leave tradition behind; Leeds United left behind the blue and yellow and copied Real Madrid’s all white, even though they may not have been as many years of ‘tradition’ before they changed. Oddly enough, like Cardiff, they enjoyed some success after the change of colours. Numerous other clubs have done it, embrace it – you seriously have one of the best looking kits in the country, black shorts where cool but two-tone red is also classy.

    34. Toni-SCP:

      No jokes, Puma. Please.

    35. bigg:

      why dont cardiff fans ask for a blue away kit and a white red/green third.Then just buy the blue kit and the manufacturer will stop producing the red kit cause they wont sell simple

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