Cambridge United Home shirt 09/10

Earlier this season, Cambridge United gave fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite out of one of four choices of home shirt for next season (see here). The club have now revealed the winning design which is made by Vandanel.

As can be seen, this is not one of the designs offered by the club. This is a fifth option fans had where they could submit their own design if they did not like any of the choices and if it received positve feedback by fans , the club would consider it. This was one of those popular designs which was submitted by Andy Stock. The shirt is mostly Cambridge’s traditional colour of Amber. There is a Black sash running from top left to bottom right. There is also black and white piping down the sides of the chest and the collar is also black. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt and on both shoulders. The club sponsor has their name in the centre of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with amber shorts and socks.

The kit will be available to pre-order from Tuesday 9th June in the club shop or club website. To read more about the shirt, click here.

Posted by Ben1991 on June 10th, 2009 in Cambridge United - Copyright Football Shirts News © 2009

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    1. Iain:

      Its alriyt i guess. i’d take the diagonal stripe of and just leave it like that and take the stripe off the shorts. yas 1st 2 comment

    2. Liam J.C:

      A really nice kit which I didn’t expect

      Big up for Vandel

    3. theredflag:

      wow :) thats the best vandanel kit i have ever seen

    4. jord ltfc:

      thts not even one of the options :S

      ok top tho


      Looks better in the animated version than the real one yes was 5th to comment


      i think max rushden will like this and we will see it on soccer am.’s wall next year for definet! (:

    7. Lee BWFC:

      how’s that for fan involvement, not only a few choices but if you like none of them, then design your own, good stuff, more clubs should take note. Lets not forget that its us who buy them after all

    8. Tim:

      Look how badly aligned that club badge is! It’s practically under the armpit. It should be directly opposite the Vandanel logo.

      The diagonal stripe on the mock-up starts much closer to the collar, meaning the badge is in the correct place. Either the shirt in the photo is just a very badly made example or they’ve made a bit of a mess of this design.

    9. Ashleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey:

      I believe in mircales, where you from, u SEXY THING! gr8 shirt!!

    10. nylboh:

      jai, jai reason! jai, jai reason!

    11. Watford Boy:

      thats a nice shirt

    12. paddy:

      be a good shirt without the diagonal strip also GET SOMETHING NEW UP

    13. Tommy c:

      I’d like it if the badge was correctly aligned with the vandanel logo, Tim’s right the badge is nearly under the armpit

    14. matty:

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee new shirt

    15. Andy-cufc:

      love the shirt but what blind man sewed the badge on

    16. Bell:

      You really hit the nail on the head with this post. There are darn few blogs other than sports, football, or cycling that I even bother to read.

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