Bordeaux's New Puma Kits

Scans form the Puma catalogue reveal Bordeuax’s kits for next season.

Bordeaux’s home kit is in their traditional dark blue colour. It has a v-style design around the upper chest part in white. Above this design is the club’s crest and the Puma (shirt manufactures) logo. Kia, club sponsor have their logo placed beneath it, in the center of the shirt.

The away shirt is mainly white and it has a black-filled v-design on the upper part of the shirt. Puma logo is on the top right side of the shirt while club logo is on the opposite left.

Bordeaux’s third shirt is striped black and pink combining the design of logos of the home shirt with the v-design of the away shirt.

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    1. Peter - Sunderland Fan:

      Don’t know why but the third kit reminds me of Dolly Mixtures.

    2. Phil G:

      They look like the st helens rugby league shirts with the big V in the middle of them.

    3. Antoine:

      They look beautiful. I’m happy Puma actually makes something unique for my club.

    4. Augustus:

      Another disgusting “effort” by Puma for les Girondins. Disgraceful. A classic kit style desecrated once again.

    5. nick:

      away one is best im goin bordeux in a few wwks might be a gd shirt to buy

    6. DaKop:

      Likin da away

    7. D KIng:

      Does KIA stand for Kit Is Awful

    8. rob:

      lol d klng! that is terrible, the home kit & third are the same colour, absolutly distgusting shirts by puma, another disurted top from puma

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