Boca Juniors 2013 Torneo de Verano Purple Kit

Argentine club Boca Juniors won the top division in the country 30 times in its history, with the last time being the 2011 Apertura season. They have also won the prestigious Copa Liberatdores 6 times and the Intercontinetal Cup (nowadays renamed to FIFA Club World Cup) 3 times. In the Torneo Inicial 2012/13, Boca Juniors ranked 6th in the table, 8 points behind winners Velez Sarsfield. They will participate in the 2013 Torneo Final between the 10th February and the 23rd June 2013.

This is a leaked picture of the kit manufactured by Nike specifically for the Torneo de Verano. This kit is a rare change from the club’s conventional colours: blue and yellow. The shirt is manufactured by Nike and sponsored by BBVA. It features two shades of violet, with the right half of the body being dominated by the lighter shade. The collar and sleeve hems are dark blue.

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  1. PhilUTD:

    Nice template, shame the 2 tone purple isn’t the best use of it. Wonder where else this design will pop up next season . . .

  2. FCB:

    Nice design, colors not so nice

  3. Gibby12:

    Barcelona template next year maybe?

  4. Sigmund:

    Seems to combine the half shirts craze of 2004-2006 and the pin-stripes that were used in the 70s’.

  5. jakey12:

    On the pic the person wearing the shirt is wearing the authentic jersey and if it is a authentic shirt you can notice that it is missing the laser cooled perfection feature also if it is authentic it would first be on sale on Nike . com in the end I could be wrong!

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