Possible Blackburn Rovers Home kit 08/09

Whilst playing in a freindly match against Benfica on Friday night , Blackburn Rovers wore what appeared to be there new Home kit which is made by Umbro.

The shirt is Blackburn traditional colours of blue and white. The left half of the shirt is blue and the right half is white. The left sleeve is white and the right sleeve is blue. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Umbro, have their logo in the top right of the shirt. The clubs new sponsor, Crown paints, have their name written across the middle of the shirt. the shirt is worn with white shorts and white socks.

it is unknown wether or not this will be the shirt used by Blackburn for the 08/09 season and it is also unknown when the shirt will be officially revealed.

Posted by Ben1991 on July 26th, 2008 in Blackburn Rovers - Copyright Football Shirts News © 2008

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    1. George:

      Good enough for blackburn

    2. KONNA B on the MIC:

      Alright… would be better if crown paints didn’t have a black box around it. it should be black writing but thick so it’s visible

    3. callum:

      i am blackburn fan but last year os better

    4. bingo:

      Bad kit for a bad team!!

    5. sam:

      not bad, nice n plain

      but whats with the horrible sticker in the middle

    6. david:

      Tired of the comments of “bad team” for any club not in the big 4. Ridiculous! And that “sticker” in the middle of the shirt is called a sponsor moron.

    7. elbazo:

      this shirt underrates Blackburn bad work umbro

    8. Augustus:

      The less red trim and piping on a Blackburn shirt the better for me. I like this a lot. A true classic kit.

      And David, you are not alone in your view, believe me.

    9. nick:

      im a rovers fan and im outraged by the bad team comment david is right

    10. paulburn rovers:

      I don’t always get the home kits but this lookls OK, and I hope it has the umbro pattern on the back, cause then it would look cool.

    11. nixonbrfc:

      i think its not that bad to be honest!! Blackburn are a good team and are very underrated. rovers till i die!!!!!!!!!!

    12. nixonbrfc:

      i think this kit isnt as bad as everyone is making out, it looks good enuff for me!! rovers till i die!!

    13. D King:

      This is a nice shirt, very simple, which is good. Black letters for the sponsers would have been better though.

    14. newcastle utd Gavin McElroy:

      nothing special i have nothing against rovers but i think they will be relegated this season

    15. lolatyoface:

      typical bright geordie

    16. miguel:

      Paul Ince is taking Blackburn to the Championship. He sells their best player for $2million and buys Robbie Fowler and Paul Robinson.

    17. Ed:

      nice shirt, fugly sponsor logo…

    18. luke:

      we should have the same strip as last season but with crown instead of bet24

    19. Deacon Valkeanu:

      miguel, it’s still only july, he has plenty of time to make afew strong signings.

    20. Oliver:

      Miguel, Ince has not signed Fowler and selling a 37 year old for £2million is good business. What’s more Robinson is proven at international level and if Ince can get help him get his confidence back, he could prove to be a brilliant signing. Good shirt this year, nice and simple, but i agree that the black box doesn’t look right.

    21. TJG:

      I like the Blackburn shirt… one thing Blackburn do year in year out is have a nice simple, classic shirt. They don’t mess with it too much. I love that.

    22. ben:

      Kit looks good but the sponsor is ugly and looks rushed. doubt ppl will be pulling much minge in that top anyway

    23. tom:

      last seasons sponsor looked a lot better on the shirt, plus the away shirt from last season was my favourite football shirt ever but they have completely changed that.

      And 7th in england is hardly a bad team is it?

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