AS Roma announce 10-year agreement with Nike

AS Roma have announced a 10 year agreement with Nike which will see the American brand becoming the club’s official apparel and equipment sponsor as from the start of the 2014/15 season.

It is yet unsure who will manufacture the Roma shirts next season as Roma ended their Kappa deal abruptly last November.  Japanese brand Asics and Italian brand Macron are both being linked for a one-year agreement with the Italian club, although it is being reported that the shirt manufacturer logo would not appear on the shirt.

Roma joins Italian Champions Juventus together with Manchester United, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, the league leaders in their respective countries in Nike’s portfolio.

“We’re proud to partner with AS Roma, a club with great heritage,” said Bert Hoyt, VP/GM of Nike Western Europe. “It’s a club that embodies strong characteristics, is recognized across the world and represents one of Europe’s greatest cities. We look forward to developing a successful long-term partnership with them.”

Italo Zanzi, CEO of AS Roma adds, “AS Roma is committed to becoming the premier football club in the world, on and off the field. This partnership is a fundamental step in that mission. Nike’s dedication to football excellence and global brand building is aligned perfectly with our objectives. We are extremely excited about our future together.”

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    1. Kermit:

      Still wouldn’t buy a shirt with WIND on the front!

    2. Gortex:

      lermit, rather on the front then the back lol


      all there shirs look the same recenly

    4. Hammer91:

      FINALLY the end of skin tight tops! Hopefully the end of WIND sponsership is coming.

    5. JARKKO:

      Potential for this to be a good partnership

    6. FP14:

      shame… kappa make classy looking kits (or used to)

    7. Bob Clancey:

      Pretty much all the Kappa kits were decent, they were just ruined by that massive sponsor.
      Anyone know the reason why it might be the case that “the shirt manufacturer logo would not appear on the shirt” next season?

    8. Vern Fonk:

      I think we already all what it’s going to look like already.

    9. Vern Fonk:

      /\ know what /\

    10. Brn442:

      @hammer, join a gym. Adidas, nr, and the first batch of kappa kits were decent. Do not have full confidence in Nike but we’ll see.

    11. Vern Fonk:

      nr shirts were ace. My local sports shop had a run of those tops. Napoli, Samp, Roma. They were cottony and itchy compared to tops in England which were shiny and shadow stripy. They had proper sewn on badges though.

    12. tonesterwolf:

      It seems weird to announce a shirt supplier for 2 seasons time when they haven’t got one for next season!!!

    13. Kratos:

      Finally——the end of Kappa. Happy days

    14. bellers:

      i assume the reason for not having the kit suppliers logo is a legal thing after ending the kappa agreement early?

    15. Korts:

      It’s always sad to see a club switch from a smaller brand to one of the big three (Nike, adidas, Puma). But hey, they get punished by having to wear unimaginative crappy teamwear, so I guess that balances it out.

    16. D King:

      I wonder if Juventus or Inter will be leaving Nike soon, or maybe Adidas have Lazio or Napoli lined up, otherwise Nike will have major lead in Italy. Adidas seem to be getting hit hard at the moment with Nike having Utd, Arsenal & Everton to Adidas’ Chelsea, Sunderland and Stoke, and Barcelona & Athletico v Real, and Brazil, France, England, Holland and Portugal v Argentina, Germany & Spain.

    17. El Patriato:

      i adamantly thought adidas would take a shot at the deal cuz they’re really losin the game in italy but maybe sooner or later they’ll be cookin up an offer for a big one!!!

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