Alianza Lima Home Shirt 2013

Peruvian club Alianza Lima have launched their new Nike 2013 home shirt. The club is based in the La Victoria District of Lima, Peru and play their home games at the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva which has a capacity of 35,000.


The new Alianza Lima home shirt features white and royal blue stripes. It has a royal blue collar with the Nike logo on the top right part of the chest in white and the club crest on the opposite part.

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    1. mb:

      That is a sweet looking jersey.

    2. rooney is soooo ugly:

      cant remember last time nike made a nice kit , this is dull

    3. JARKKO:

      Quite nice, even if it is generic. @2 – come up with something original. We all know you dislike Nike.


      nike are no good

    5. Darren Masterman:

      Might be generic but its really nice regardless.

    6. YorkshireImp:

      Yet another teamwear shirt, two years old but one of the better designs of the last few seasons from Nike

    7. D King:

      This is really nice, West Bromwich Albion fans would probably swap their Adidas design for this.

    8. nikos:

      fantastic.plain and awsome

    9. rooney is soooo ugly:

      @3 get a life .. again

    10. JARKKO:

      No…you’re just an easy target being the only one saying negative things…

    11. northernhorn:

      Thing of beauty.

    12. Mitchivic:

      beautiful pure example of why nike are where they are right now.

    13. PAUL -G:

      look slike west bromwich alianza

    14. D. Roncal:

      Just met the team at a movie theater!!!!!!!

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