A closer look at the 2010/11 England Home Shirt

This is a closer look at the new home shirt to be worn by the Three Lions in the qualifying campaign Wembley games of the European Championship 2012. The shirt is once again manufactured by English brand Umbro, whose logo is blue on the right side of the chest. The long polo-shirt collar of the previous home shirt was changed. The base colour of the shirt is white and it has a very simple look, which has become typical of Umbro designs. A striking highlight of the shirt is the design of Peter Saville, an iconic graphic designer, of the shoulders and upper-part of the back. The St George’s Crosses on this patch appear in red, blue and green, which are the colours used in the Three Lions’ crest, as well as purple, which is the mixture of the mentioned three colours.

The English stars will wear this shirt as they battle for a place in the best international competition in Europe. England was drawn in Group G and will play Switzerland, Bulgaria, Wales and Montenegro. The home games will be played in this order: Bulgaria (3 September 2010), Montenegro (12 October 2010), Switzerland (4 June 2011) and Wales (6 September 2011). In its history, England has never won the European Championship, but winning the 2012 event is a must after the disappointing performance of the team in the 2010 summer World Cup.

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    1. PhilUTD:

      worst set of England shirts they have ever worn . .

    2. Griffi:

      What’s with the star being the same color as the kit? Is Umbro too ashamed that England has only won one world cup?

    3. Jarvis 25:

      Not great. Prefer it being blue trim than red but the short colour isnt really England-ish? Navy shorts, white shorts or red shorts!

    4. tigerrrrrrrrr:

      im scottish and i like it

    5. RCY577:

      pretty weird tbh. not much change from their normal kit.

    6. Geo:

      I don’t get it? Was this new kit planned all along? Why have they released a new kit for the qualifyers? Does this mean the £50 shirt people bought for the World Cup is now dead? Will this be the kit for Euro 2012 as well or will we get yet another one for that competition? Will there also be a new away kit for the qualifyers or just at the end of the normal 2 years?

      TOOOOOOO man questions, the only thing I am glad about is going back to the blue shorts that match the crest, excellent work there, England don’t look right playing in all white or all red.

      White shirt, blue shorts for home and red shirt white shorts for away, simples.

      Can anyone asnwer my array of questions above?

    7. MisterBroom12:

      Love that Arsenal are represented more than any other club in this photo for England.

    8. getridofumbro:

      Another terrible effort from Umbro looks like underwear found in an old folks home. When can we get Adidas or Nike. They are the worst kit manufacturer by miles.

    9. JohnTerry:

      I agreee Umbro are a 2nd rate manufacturer. Even the jocks have a decent supplier

    10. Padraig:

      What’s with all the crosses? Looks like a fecking graveyard on the back of the shirts. The previous shirts were perfect. Well done Umbro, you ****ed it up.

    11. savnat:

      glad im not english! 2 thumbs down from me

    12. BenArfa37NUFC:

      £50 saved for me, Umbro go and die with your “tailored made for £5 sold for £50 range”.

      Get adidas, nike or even puma ASAP!

      Oh yeah we’re signed with umbro til 2018 now, MINT!

    13. Adam:

      Umbro haven’t made a decent kit since Italia 90.

      Absolute trash, looks like Victorian underwear!

      Simply terrible, and electric blue shorts???!!?!? WHY?

    14. GMFC:

      Awful kit, what’s this nonsence with the old folks pants motif? Makes the Scotland home kit look brilliant……. says a Scot who doesn’t like our schoolboy international lookalike.

      Blue shorts look wrong as well – should be darker shade surely?

    15. HellasLEAF:

      the shorts I like, the crosses are whatever. but the color is really really bad. they had a real winner with the color from the previous kit. that was class. this is…not good.

    16. HORSEMEAT:

      not a fan of the crosses all over back especially purple ????
      quick change this time i think as the white one we have now must be a bad luck thing
      prefer white and blue shorts though

    17. Sam:

      as a collective “KIT” its actually quite nice. The shirt is alright apart from that lame rainbow crap on the back…multicultural?!?! its an ENGLAND shirt, St. George would be turning over in his grave! RED is the colour of that flag! And dont even get me started on the pink trim on the goalkeepers kit…WHY?!?!

    18. Bargey:

      Can someone explain, why the World Cup star is white still on white background so apporx NO ONE can see it!!! Surely it should be on the shirt and worn with pride so everyone can see that England has a star to represent their Word Cup win of 66!!! Why would Umbro deliberatly try and hide it!!! I DONT GET IT

    19. Rob:

      I think it’s stupid that they expect us to pay 50 quid for this when the players don’ excatly give us anything for our money. And this is by far the worst England kit i have ever seen, what’s wrong with navy blue? Why bright blue? I think the shirts trying to be like an England rugby shirt or something. I’m not wasting my money on cack like this

    20. Billy Bob:

      A Lovley Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Tricky Red:

      What’s with the ridiculous multicoloured crosses? St George’s cross was red and only red!

    22. Jambo:

      I think its disgraceful that they have different coloured St Georges crosses on it. The St Georges cross is RED and has been since the 12th century when it became our flag. How dare they change it and use a pretentious, P.C reason like Cultural Diversity. I’ll never ever buy this kit in principle. Also after the W.C shambles when alot of people spent around £40 – £50 on the last shirt (which mine says is a 2009/11 kit) they bring out another kit straight afterwards (in 2010, so they lied to us as well). Usually England shirts are released in February so releasing this early is disgusting, hang your heads Umbro and England. Anyway rant over I’ve had enough.

    23. Benji321:

      At least we have been given an early preview of the template that will surely be coloured sky blue and have a man city badge stuck on it next year!!

    24. NCFC1:

      not to bad at all – r.e jarvis 25 england did used to have blue shorts circa 1954 ish :)

    25. AT - CUFC:

      Agreed that England should have blue shorts, but they should be navy. We last wore light blue in the Admiral kits during the Kevin Keegan era (ie 1970’s). Which were, imo, quite good (shame no one does a retro version)

    26. Tigers japanese mother:

      I really like it

    27. bren333:

      Who cares. It’s England. They suck. I’ve been let down too often. We all have. I hope Bulgaria and Switzerland beat them. Switzerland just might.

    28. Martus:

      I liked it until i saw the multicouloured flags crap bit, nice blue as it matches the NEW badge we got, whilst the old badge was navy. Take away the flags and ts Quality!!!

    29. Fran:

      What is the point of keep realising new kits i thought the white one we wore during the world cup was 2010/2012 :S

    30. chris crane:

      thak god someone else has mentioned that the shirt with a collar was supposed to last from 2009 – 2011 … can we all get our money back under the trades description act?!

      The new kit is awful btw …. no one over 18 will look good in it … it could have been made by Burtons!!

    31. super notts:

      i thought it was the coulers of the union jack not st georges

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